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kinsley + diane + oliver + baby

The bitty baby in this photo was born on Friday. It’s amazing. I cannot wait to meet her!!! I’m handling my excitement by blogging their maternity session. I bet it already seems like pregnancy was such a long time ago for this mama.

17_09_johnson_01 17_09_johnson_02 Meet Oliver, who is now a big brother. He is incredibly handsome, and has a super laid back sense about him. He’s gentle and tentative and a bunch of other things that will make him so good with a baby sister. She’s such a lucky little one.
17_09_johnson_03Savoring the last few days of being just the three of them.17_09_johnson_04 Diane, not only are you almost literally glowing in this photo on the right, but your smile is just incredibly beautiful. Such a lovely mama.17_09_johnson_05 17_09_johnson_07 My favorite on the right! :)17_09_johnson_06 I so enjoyed hanging out with you guys and photographing you just how you were before everything changed (again). See you and your sweet girl very soon!17_09_johnson_08

lj + emily + baby | omaha ne maternity photographer

This night was calm, beautiful, peaceful, romantic – full of the quiet anticipation of waiting on a baby. Maternity sessions always have this feel, and I LOVE contrasting them with the newborn session that follows. Same people, different ballgame. :) And these two, they’re gonna handle it so wonderfully!

McElravyMaternity_021 McElravyMaternity_011 McElravyMaternity_023Emily is unbelievably beautiful, and while I’m not sure if she’d agree, I think pregnancy suited her (at least for the time being…). ;)McElravyMaternity_020 McElravyMaternity_030What I love about LJ & Emily is that they have an easy feel to their relationship and a good sense of humor with one another. Both those things are going to serve them well as their family grows. McElravyMaternity_027 McElravyMaternity_032 My favorite of Emily.McElravyMaternity_035 And a little non-traditional, but I think this is my favorite of them together. A little party of three, about to change everything! Can’t wait to meet this nugget!McElravyMaternity_043

tommi + mollie + kinsley + two!

Gosh, talk about families that have become dear to me. Where to even start? I’ve just had the privilege of photographing these three lovely ladies a bunch of times in the last few years and I always look forward to it. I mean, we have FUN. :)

17_06_cox_01 Kinsley is a ham, and doesn’t mind the camera one bit.17_06_cox_02 17_06_cox_03 This session though, was a **litttttle* extra exciting, because it sorta…kinda…doubled as a TWIN BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT. I mean, that’s a BIG DEAL! I am still processing this news, like a month later, that they’ll be a party of five!!!17_06_cox_04 17_06_cox_05 Golly. They’re adorable.17_06_cox_06 17_06_cox_07 Ok, this is a favorite. Kinsley was obsessing over having rocks in her shoe (not big rocks, itty bitty pieces of sand “rocks”), and kept taking her shoes off to pick them out of her toes. The different reactions here that you can just *barely* see speak parenting volumes. LOVE the realness! (If you know Mollie, you can mentally fill in the rest of her face). :D :D17_06_cox_08 17_06_cox_09 A little photo trickery on this lovely. ;) Look close…17_06_cox_10 Congrats to you, special, sweet family! See you again soon, I hope, to meet the twinsies!17_06_cox_11

best of 2016

All week I’ve been thinking about words. What words might describe what the new year will bring? What words will characterize my circumstances or my thoughts? And then I sat down to create this post – my absolute favorite of the year, because who doesn’t like to gather and dwell on their favorites? – and one word sticks out to me about the last year. “Humbled.” In 2016, I was humbled, and completely privileged to connect with so many different families and peek into their worlds. These people are like bonus family members to me, and I am humbled to have been able to draw near to the incredible relationships they have with one another, and turn their sweet connections into beautiful images. I hope they see what I see in these – beauty, trust, joy, and love. All these gorgeous faces are inspiring me BIG TIME for whatever’s coming down the road. :) Enjoy a few of my favorites from 2016.

16_02_wyatt_1916_04_smith_0616_05_muller1216_11_henke_11 16_11_orton_0616_05_kastoori_01 16_05_cox_0516_06_powell_11 16_06_rashmi_0716_05_muller1016_10_williamson_1216_09_wheeler_03 16_06_loya1416_06_sloup1016_10_memming_0916_09_cederdahl_0516_02_wyatt_0516_06_hall_1416_11_henke_3316_12_horner_09 16_06_deans0816_06_davis_06 16_06_loya0716_09_morales_0216_06_rashmi_06-116_09_wheeler_1116_12_moffatt_1116_07_boylan_0116_06_powell_0216_11_moffatt_01 16_09_thomas_08 16_09_cederdahl_0416_09_wheeler_42 16_10_henke_0416_07_sloup_13 16_10_hassler_1216_10_deriese_05 16_10_memming_0116_10_wortman_0516_11_henke_15 16_12_schnick_0616_07_spare_07 16_11_paxton_0916_06_sloup0316_10_williamson_03 16_11_orton_1416_09_wheeler_17 16_04_alan_0216_12_horner_01 16_11_morris_0616_11_fitzgerald_0416_04_smith_1216_09_wheeler_21 16_10_henke_1316_11_bronson_14 16_11_paxton_02 16_11_fulwider_1216_07_boylan_09 16_06_hall_0816_11_cox_05 16_12_debuse_13 16_09_morales_12 16_12_moffatt_09 16_12_schnick_08 16_06_davis_0216_11_henke_28

park + krista + grayson + baby | lincoln ne maternity photographer

Even though this adorable (and incredibly sharp-looking) family was anxiously awaiting the birth of their second kiddo, they were as laid-back as could be for our maternity session. I love photographing families just before they change forever. It’s the most exciting time!
16_06_sloup01 We took advantage of the spotlight still being on Grayson and got some big ol’ two-year-old portraits. Isn’t he handsome?16_06_sloup02 His mama, though. HOLY STUNNING, BATMAN. You are one beautiful girl, Krista.16_06_sloup03 16_06_sloup04 16_06_sloup05 16_06_sloup06 16_06_sloup07 Bonus points for capturing goofy dad moments? I’d take it. :)
16_06_sloup08 You guys are just so dapper.  I love the contentment on your faces. 16_06_sloup09 Since these were taken, their baby GIRL was born, and I got to meet her a few days ago. Stay tuned for her newborn session!!! She’s perfect, obviously. :) 16_06_sloup10


raghu + lakshmi + baby girl | lincoln ne maternity photographer

These two blew me away at their maternity session. How gorgeous is this mama-to-be?! Well, mama now! Baby Rashmi has arrived!! Her parents have a LOT of love for this precious little one, and it was a true pleasure to capture it.

16_05_kastoori_01 16_05_kastoori_02 Lakshmi has such a calm peace about her. So ready to meet her girl and take on the title of “mother”. She is also completely stunning. My jaw dropped when I saw this one. 16_05_kastoori_03 This was such a beautiful moment. They were talking about their first thoughts upon finding out the baby was a girl, and how they had been waiting for her. Ohhhh, Rashmi, I hope you adore this photo when you are older.  16_05_kastoori_04 Cloudy evenings in Nebraska tend to put on the prettiest shows. ;)16_05_kastoori_05 16_05_kastoori_06 16_05_kastoori_07 And then there’s this. Lakshmi’s mother flew all the way from India to be with her daughter’s family and meet her first granddaughter. I love that she arrived just in time (literally) to be in a few photos, along with Lakshmi’s brother. 16_05_kastoori_08 16_05_kastoori_09 16_05_kastoori_10 16_05_kastoori_11 Her name is a beautiful combination of her parents’ names. She is so special, and I cannot wait to meet her – soon! Thank you, Raghu and Lakshmi, so much for letting me in on your anticipation and excitement!16_05_kastoori_12