aj & madeline

Pure happiness is on it’s way for these two! Their maternity session was fun, sweet and heartwarming – despite some chilly weather. We walked around their breathtaking acreage, and I felt like I was with family, even though we’d just met. Their baby boy will be here in a matter of days – I’m so excited for them!

Maddy has the best laugh and a fantastic energy. AJ is caring, thoughtful and I have a feeling he’s got a few good dad jokes he’s just dying to use. I’d say it’s highly likely they will be A-team parents. 🙂

My favorite!

Oh hey, pups! These boys are ready to welcome baby, too, and I’ll bet they’ll do it with gusto!

I am counting down the days with you, AJ and Madeline! I hope you get to savor these last few days of “just you two,” then let the great adventure begin!