the cox family

Gosh, talk about families that have become dear to me. Where to even start? I’ve just had the privilege of photographing these three lovely ladies a bunch of times in the last few years and I always look forward to it. I mean, we have FUN. 🙂
17_06_cox_01 Kinsley is a ham, and doesn’t mind the camera one bit.17_06_cox_02 This session though, was a **litttttle* extra exciting, because it sorta…kinda…doubled as a TWIN BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT. I mean, that’s a BIG DEAL! I am still processing this news, like a month later, that they’ll be a party of five!!!17_06_cox_04 17_06_cox_05 Golly. They’re adorable.17_06_cox_06 17_06_cox_07 Ok, this is a favorite. Kinsley was obsessing over having rocks in her shoe (not big rocks, itty bitty pieces of sand “rocks”), and kept taking her shoes off to pick them out of her toes. The different reactions here that you can just *barely* see speak parenting volumes. LOVE the realness! (If you know Mollie, you can mentally fill in the rest of her face). 😀 😀17_06_cox_08 17_06_cox_09 A little photo trickery on this lovely. 😉 Look close…17_06_cox_10 Congrats to you, special, sweet family! See you again soon, I hope, to meet the twinsies!17_06_cox_11