mike + cherise + cora + owen | lincoln ne newborn photographer

Perfect baby alert! Owen is likely to cause baby fever. Browse photos at your own risk. There. You’ve been warned. :)

17_06_callen_01Well, well, well. It’s one of the sweetest families around and they’re back on the blog! I’m overflowing with happiness for these friends of mine as they have welcomed their second kiddo, Owen Lee. He is too darn perfect, and his sweeeeeet big sister Cora is doing a pretty bang on job in her new role, too. 17_06_callen_02 17_06_callen_03 If you’re a new big sibling, you earn major bonus points for doing this picture. It’s asking a lot – you’re adjusting to a new person in the family, you’re generally a toddler, you are learning just how gentle you have to be. Plus one thousand extra points if you nail it, like Cora did! Atta girl!17_06_callen_04 We snuck outside for a few of just this sweet pea by herself. Isn’t she dreamy?17_06_callen_05 17_06_callen_06 I love Cherise’s smile – how it captures her entire face, and you can see how much joy spills out of her on the daily. Want to know a fun fact? When Mike and Cherise needed a little nosy-friends-making-stuff-happen help before they started dating, I may have had a little something to do with arranging a common place for them to hang out and get the ball rolling. Pretty dang proud of that, considering what a beautiful family God’s creating through them! :) :)17_06_callen_07 17_06_callen_08 Hi, little man. Did you know you’re loved to the moon?17_06_callen_09 17_06_callen_10 17_06_callen_11 Father & Son images are something special. I’m excited to see how their relationship evolves. 17_06_callen_12 We wrapped up in their beautiful backyard. This family…*sigh*…they’re fantastic. THANK YOU, Mike & Cherise, for letting me into your shaken up world! Enjoy every little bit of this new stage of being a family of four. :)17_06_callen_13

the richard family | lincoln ne family photographer

My heart is SOOOOOO full for this family. These smiles are on their faces….oh…97% of the time. They’re genuinely wonderful. I should know – I got to spend two pretty spectacular and important days with them when Mikaela & Andrew and Kelsey & Max got married! :D I had giddy butterflies when they asked to do this family session with their incredibly special grandparents. Photographing generations is so rare, and so important. We took a step toward fixing that with these. 17_06_richards_01 17_06_richards_02 Darleen is super-grandma. She is calm and knowing, but she’s (secretly?) the life of the party, too. At Mikaela’s wedding she and George shut down the dance floor!! You can tell they’ve lived fully and are reaping the rewards of it. I adore how *both* these women look at their husbands. Same, same! 17_06_richards_03 17_06_richards_04 On top of being fun, their whole family is ridiculously good-looking. :) 17_06_richards_05 17_06_richards_06 17_06_richards_07 17_06_richards_08 17_06_richards_09 17_06_richards_10 George & Darleen were so wonderful to photograph, and I like all their photos together, but this one is my favorite of the two of them. It’s in their eyes for each other – these two have been married 58 years (I mean, wow), and they are so tender with each other. I could go on about them, but the bottom line is they’re just special. Their family knows it, and anyone who gets to spend a little time with them, like me, can easily see it, too.17_06_richards_11 High fives to all of you in the Richard family. Thank you for trusting me with these photos! 17_06_richards_12

josh + jennifer + hannah + olivia | lincoln ne family photographer

It’s another fabulous day for having a sweet family on the blog, and here they are! This crew just stole my heart. Hannah (on the right here) jumped out of the car when they arrived and came right up to hug me! We’d never met, and it was the best way to start a session. :)

17_06_jones_01 Hannah’s enthusiasm about her little sister is an 11. Actually, most of her emotions are an 11! She loooooves life.17_06_jones_02 Hi, baby Olivia! This one drew the lucky “didn’t nap on photo day” straw, but you never could have guessed it. She was such a charmer. And Josh – you’re an A+ dad. So patient, so involved, and making everything fun for your family.
17_06_jones_03 See?
17_06_jones_04 I just love these two next to each other. Mama’s wrangling kids like a boss, and they are both showing their colors.17_06_jones_05 17_06_jones_06 17_06_jones_07 Don’t you just want to snuggle her? She’s dreamy.
17_06_jones_08 17_06_jones_09 17_06_jones_10 17_06_jones_11 Dear Families who let me take your pictures every so often: I truly love you and see so much unique beauty in each and every one of you. You are doing wonderful things, raising amazing kids, and acknowledging the beauty in your everyday lives. I applaud you. That goes for you too, Joneses. ;) 17_06_jones_12

kipp + sandi + david + lindsey + nora | lincoln ne family photographer

How on earth do I get so lucky that so many of my clients feel like family after a single session together?! Another example of just that: the warm-hearted Petersen family. Including grandparents in a family session has become such a special part of what I do. Everyone needs to do this at least once!17_05_petersen_01Look at beautiful Nora! Little girls just don’t come any sweeter. She has an old soul, and the brightest eyes and the cutest giggle. She and her Nana have quite the special relationship. How could they not? Sandi is the perfect grandma.17_05_petersen_02 My favorite, of course. :)17_05_petersen_03Ok, if we’re being honest, Nora has awesome relationships with all four of the awesome adults pictured in this session, and I had a wonderful time documenting all four of them. Next up is this fun guy, affectionately known as Kippy.17_05_petersen_04 And then there’s her daddy. I have serious heart eyes for this moment.17_05_petersen_05 17_05_petersen_06 17_05_petersen_07 If you know this family, you’re just lucky. 17_05_petersen_08 17_05_petersen_09 17_05_petersen_10 17_05_petersen_11 17_05_petersen_12 I saved this beautiful duo for last. Lindsey is so full of love for her family and her daughter. She’s a graceful, intentional mom who gives of herself freely, and she has all my respect. 17_05_petersen_13 Shoots like this one fuel me like you wouldn’t believe to make images that matter to the family before me. I consider it an honor and a privilege. Thank you, Petersens, for sharing yourselves with me. You’re all so beautiful from the inside out!

heath + brittany | ashland ne engagement photographer

Heath & Brittany! Heath & Brittany!!!! I’ve been dying to get this session blogged so the world can see this fun duo in all their glory. I’ve noticed these two have this gift for setting the energy level perfectly at a chilled out happy hour vibe. They are so comfortable in their skin, genuine, and unapologetically themselves – they radiate happiness. Full disclosure: I’m doing a victory dance in my seat right now, because I think these images articulate that feeling. So go on and scroll and feel all the feels.

Nebraska, you’re pretty great, too.

17_05_foster_1317_05_foster_01 17_05_foster_02 My favorite thing about them is how they’re both easy going most of the time, except for when they explode with laughter. Here’s Brittany doing just that.17_05_foster_03 17_05_foster_04 This one on the left gives me heart eyes. Brittany, you’re a knockout.17_05_foster_05 17_05_foster_06 17_05_foster_07 My very fave on the left. Frame this, please. I might have to frame it, too. ;)17_05_foster_08 Thought the session couldn’t get any better, then Grace Kelly joined us! This little miss was the perfect pup for portraits. That’s a lot of p’s.17_05_foster_09 17_05_foster_10 17_05_foster_11Thank you, Brittany and Heath (and Grace), for being the very best. I loved every second of photographing your love!17_05_foster_12

matt + andrea + carter + cadence + calvin | lincoln ne family photographer

Be still, my heart! This fiery family is my kind of fam. They know how to have fun, laugh, shake things off, smile from the heart, I mean…I have a big ol’ family crush on them. Look at these two!!!

17_05_thieman_02And here’s the whole crew! First, let’s talk about mama Andrea for a second. It takes a strong woman to not be the least bit anxious over family photos, and she was completely calm, collected, and chill the whole time. So maybe hire her for advice when it’s your family’s turn. :) Also, she has the prettiest smile in Nebraska. Just sayin’.
17_05_thieman_0317_05_thieman_01 Say hi to Miss Cadence! There’s so much packed into this girl’s amazing personality. She’s going to be a go-getter for sure. Her freckles are my favorite.17_05_thieman_04 I love baby Calvin’s little furrowed eyebrows here, because he was the happiest, smiliest guy the entire time. Hehe. How lucky is he to have these two to grow up with? 17_05_thieman_05 17_05_thieman_06 17_05_thieman_07 :P
17_05_thieman_08 I’m realizing I picked lots of photos of Cadence for the blog with this sweet, soft smile like on the right. It’s funny, because she’s such a firecracker! But there’s something so fascinating to me about catching wild kids in their calm moments. Probably because you know it will only be for an instant. 17_05_thieman_09 17_05_thieman_10 This is Carter. He’s the gentle leader of the pack, and so full of fun! Don’t remember what I said here, but I love his embarrassed laugh. :) I’m pretty sure it was bathroom humor. 8 years old is an awesome age.17_05_thieman_11 And this one of just mom and dad = favorite. I love how they laugh with each other.17_05_thieman_12 Seriously, Matt & Andrea, your family is solid gold. So much love to you all! Thanks for spending a little photo time with me!17_05_thieman_13

shawn + amy + jaden + stella + owen | lincoln ne family photographer

When Amy first described her kids to me, she used the word “cheerful”, and she is spot on. These kids are so sweet! And mama picked out amazing outfit colors for a spring shoot, don’t you think?

17_05_mcauliff_01 This is big brother Jaden on the left. I love this image of him – I think we caught a rare, quieter side of him for a moment. :) And the sweet firecracker on the right is Miss Stella. She is ALL TWO. So independent and playful!
17_05_mcauliff_02 And hey there, Owen! Baby brother is the most chill babe on the planet. 17_05_mcauliff_03 I loooooove how Jaden plays with his sister. You can see she is his joy, and I can only imagine how awesome their relationship will be as they grow older. She’s lucky to have you, Jaden.17_05_mcauliff_04 17_05_mcauliff_05 9 is such a cool age. You can see what an awesome person a kid is becoming, and it gets tougher and tougher to tell where “little” stops and “grown-up” begins.17_05_mcauliff_06 17_05_mcauliff_07 17_05_mcauliff_08 This look! She’s totally telling me she’s the boss with her eyes alone. Love it!17_05_mcauliff_09 A little sibling smoosh!17_05_mcauliff_10 17_05_mcauliff_11

Thank you so much, Shawn and Amy! I had a blast with your sweet party of five!