lj + emily + harriet | omaha ne newborn photographer

I stepped into a dreamy newborn fog when I walked into this adorable house to meet baby Harriet. LJ and Emily seem to have stepped seamlessly into their new role as parents and there’s so much love for Miss Hattie, it’s impossible to miss it. What a lucky, lovely little lady!

17_07_mcelravy_01 Family of 3!17_07_mcelravy_02 Newborn babies have the most unique movements. The way they stretch, their little hands swimming around with no voluntary control, finding their faces and exploring every new texture - it’s part of what makes these sweet babes feel so new. Once it morphs into intentional, playful movements, confident crawls, waving hands, these images will bring this whole season flooding back. My favorite detail here: that’s a preemie diaper on this teeny thing. Hattie came three weeks early, but besides her size, you wouldn’t know it. She’s a champ.
17_07_mcelravy_03 New momma love. Completely stunning in Emily.17_07_mcelravy_04 17_07_mcelravy_05 17_07_mcelravy_06 17_07_mcelravy_07 Those hands again. :)17_07_mcelravy_08 17_07_mcelravy_09 Lj, fatherhood looks good on you. She’s in such good hands.
17_07_mcelravy_10 Hi there, sweet girl!17_07_mcelravy_11 On the right, oh yes they did. They found the tiniest foam finger in all the land. GBR!17_07_mcelravy_12 Wishing you the most wonderful memory-making days in your new season, McElravy fam. :) Congratulations on your little Hattie! It was an honor to photograph her!17_07_mcelravy_13

cord + jenna | lincoln ne wedding photographer

You would never know it, but this beautiful wedding day began with rainclouds covering the sky. They gave way and surely brought good luck – this was one perfect July wedding! 17_07_williamson_01 17_07_williamson_02 Jenna took my breath away. She had the most wonderful, Hollywood glam vibe going on. 17_07_williamson_03 17_07_williamson_04 17_07_williamson_05 17_07_williamson_06 So much pretty drama going on on the left, and the man of the hour on the right, ready to see his almost-wife.
17_07_williamson_07 17_07_williamson_08 Finally. :) Their faces speak volumes. I love this moment!
17_07_williamson_09 Probably the prettiest tea-length dress I’ve ever laid eyes on. It was so right for her.17_07_williamson_10 17_07_williamson_11 17_07_williamson_12 17_07_williamson_13 17_07_williamson_14Oh hey, models. These ladies were amazing! Such a sweet group of friends.17_07_williamson_15 17_07_williamson_16 17_07_williamson_17 And of course, the dudes were fun, too.17_07_williamson_18 17_07_williamson_19 Time to get married!17_07_williamson_20 Props to my husband David who assisted and second-shot this wedding with me. This image is all him, and is one of my favorites of the day. :)
17_07_williamson_21 17_07_williamson_22 17_07_williamson_23 17_07_williamson_24 17_07_williamson_25 Love. They’re married!!!17_07_williamson_26 17_07_williamson_27 Jenna and her mom are opening a wedding consignment shop next month, and I love their eye for details. The entire, beautiful Country Pines venue was sprinkled with antique arrangements and sweet vintage touches. They will have some items for rent in their shop, and I can’t wait to see what they have to offer. I have no doubt it will be a fantastic collection! Info for their shop can be found at the bottom of this post. 17_07_williamson_2917_07_williamson_28 17_07_williamson_30 The toasts at their reception got me so teared up this time. Jenna’s dad especially had wonderful things to say about his baby girl, and it was so sweet to watch. 17_07_williamson_31 17_07_williamson_32 This is Jenna’s mom, capturing one daughter toasting another…
17_07_williamson_33-2 …and Cord’s mom listening to his dad’s toast.
17_07_williamson_34 17_07_williamson_35 And then, we partied! 17_07_williamson_36 17_07_williamson_37 17_07_williamson_38 17_07_williamson_39 17_07_williamson_40I was so honored to be a part of this day, and witness so much love, so much joy, and so much fun. :) Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Williamson! Here’s to a fantastic first year of marriage and beyond! 17_07_williamson_41

Hair: Joanna Lane, JC Penney Salon
Makeup: Lyndsay, Elle Esthetics
Bride’s Dress: Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaids’ dresses: RenzRags
Suits: Tip Top Tux
Musicians: Mahr Quartet
DJ: Jared Tupper, Complete Weddings & Events
Wedding Consign & Design
5601 S. 56th St., Ste 5, Lincoln, NE

jeff + cortney + elliot | watertown sd family photography

I love this family to pieces, and for good reason. It’s my little brother, his beautiful and kind-hearted wife, and my lovable, heart-melting nephew Elliot! I had the privilege of doing a little family session with them during my last trip back home to Watertown.

17_07_moffatt_01 Elliot is a (little) man of one thousand faces. He’ll study you with intensity for quite a while, but then his face melts into this adorable grin. 17_07_moffatt_02 I think he’s going to be quite the goof.17_07_moffatt_03 17_07_moffatt_04 Also, talk about a baby that (in my opinion) so closely resembles his parents! He is a perfect mix of mom and dad, but since I grew up with his daddy, almost all I see is baby Jeffy. ;) 17_07_moffatt_05 This epitomizes their family. They love fun and they do it well. 17_07_moffatt_06 17_07_moffatt_07 17_07_moffatt_08 I got teary taking this photo on the left. Jeff, you are such a good dad – so committed, tender, and heart-invested. I’m very proud of you.17_07_moffatt_09 17_07_moffatt_10 17_07_moffatt_11

Jeff & Cortney, this photo session with you made my heart sing. I hope it’s not long before I get to do it again. :)

lj + emily + baby | omaha ne maternity photographer

This night was calm, beautiful, peaceful, romantic – full of the quiet anticipation of waiting on a baby. Maternity sessions always have this feel, and I LOVE contrasting them with the newborn session that follows. Same people, different ballgame. :) And these two, they’re gonna handle it so wonderfully!

McElravyMaternity_021 McElravyMaternity_011 McElravyMaternity_023Emily is unbelievably beautiful, and while I’m not sure if she’d agree, I think pregnancy suited her (at least for the time being…). ;)McElravyMaternity_020 McElravyMaternity_030What I love about LJ & Emily is that they have an easy feel to their relationship and a good sense of humor with one another. Both those things are going to serve them well as their family grows. McElravyMaternity_027 McElravyMaternity_032 My favorite of Emily.McElravyMaternity_035 And a little non-traditional, but I think this is my favorite of them together. A little party of three, about to change everything! Can’t wait to meet this nugget!McElravyMaternity_043

brandon + meghan + sylvie | lincoln ne family photographer

It’s SYLVIE! And of course, her lovely parents Brandon & Meghan.
17_07_memming_01 I made a quick friend with this little one. Her mama told me she can be a little choosey about who she opens up to, which of course made me feel like a million bucks! :D I was honored she decided I was ok to have on her team, and we did have a lot of fun.

17_07_memming_02 As you’ll see, Sylvie is the queen of alllllll the faces. Don’t you just love her?! I love how she mirrors her beautiful mama, especially with those curls.17_07_memming_03 17_07_memming_04 Hi there, beauty.17_07_memming_05 My very fave!! Encircled by mom and dad = a favorite place for any kid.17_07_memming_06 17_07_memming_07 Showing me she’s proud to be TWO! 17_07_memming_08 My heart couldn’t even handle this quilt. Cotton + Steel (and Sylvie’s nana, obviously) for the win!17_07_memming_09 17_07_memming_10 17_07_memming_11

I miss you already, Sylvie, and hope you enjoy these photos as you grow and that you can always see how much you’re loved in them. :) Thanks, Meghan and Brandon for a fantastic session, and for sharing your girl with me! XOXO!


justin + erica + eloise + mirabel | lincoln ne family photographer

Hi, there! I am very eager, as always, to get talking about the amazing people in the images below, but today I feel the need to make a quick disclaimer. I sometimes worry, when I get busy with portrait sessions and post a lot, that it may seem like I’m always saying “such nice things” about the people I photograph, and it can’t possibly all be genuine. Well, I’d just like to make it clear that I don’t exactly know how I drew the right straw and got lucky enough to have the best clients/friend-families under the sun, but I mean every word I say on this here blog, and social media, and wherever. 100%. No BS. Ok, that’s all, you may continue. :) And please do, because it’s another good one!

I cannot help but smile every DANG time I pull up this family’s session. It is almost like they are a unicorn family and can’t be real, BUT. THEY. ARE!

17_07_klemsz_01 The sister love is for real, their cuteness is for real, and the smiles don’t get any better than this. 17_07_klemsz_02 17_07_klemsz_03 Daddy Justin with his girls. I met Justin back when I worked in digital design, and sweet Mirabel on the right was born just a month or so before my oldest daughter. 17_07_klemsz_04 Girl. You are sweetness personified.17_07_klemsz_05 17_07_klemsz_06 I’m not going to try to hide that I have a thing for families with two girls, 2-3 years apart. I mean…obviously! There are sisters, and then there are sisters who are friends. :D These two have it figured out.17_07_klemsz_07Erica, it’s obvious to me you’re doing good mama work, and it shows in your beautiful girls.17_07_klemsz_08 My favorite, begging for a frame!17_07_klemsz_09 17_07_klemsz_10 Tell me they don’t make your heart stop!17_07_klemsz_11 Side note: it took Eloise no time at all to figure out that the farther away I got while we were shooting, the smaller they would be in the photos. “We’re going to be tiny in this one!” I was impressed!!17_07_klemsz_12 17_07_klemsz_13 It was an honor and a treat to spend some photo time with you four, and I left with a serious soft spot for your family. :) I hope you enjoy these every bit as much as I do!17_07_klemsz_14

tommi + mollie + kinsley + two!

Gosh, talk about families that have become dear to me. Where to even start? I’ve just had the privilege of photographing these three lovely ladies a bunch of times in the last few years and I always look forward to it. I mean, we have FUN. :)

17_06_cox_01 Kinsley is a ham, and doesn’t mind the camera one bit.17_06_cox_02 17_06_cox_03 This session though, was a **litttttle* extra exciting, because it sorta…kinda…doubled as a TWIN BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT. I mean, that’s a BIG DEAL! I am still processing this news, like a month later, that they’ll be a party of five!!!17_06_cox_04 17_06_cox_05 Golly. They’re adorable.17_06_cox_06 17_06_cox_07 Ok, this is a favorite. Kinsley was obsessing over having rocks in her shoe (not big rocks, itty bitty pieces of sand “rocks”), and kept taking her shoes off to pick them out of her toes. The different reactions here that you can just *barely* see speak parenting volumes. LOVE the realness! (If you know Mollie, you can mentally fill in the rest of her face). :D :D17_06_cox_08 17_06_cox_09 A little photo trickery on this lovely. ;) Look close…17_06_cox_10 Congrats to you, special, sweet family! See you again soon, I hope, to meet the twinsies!17_06_cox_11