kinsley + diane + oliver | lincoln ne family photographer

What an honor it is to photograph families in their own homes! I LOVE in-home sessions for the irreplaceable intimate feeling they have. I happened to also fall hard for little Oliver during this one. He is officially one year old, and rocking the early stages of toddlerhood! Prepare yourself for these photos – these three are pretty much to die for. ;)

17_03_johnson_01 Also, if this were my living room I would never be found in any other part of the house. The light in there is straight up YUMtown.17_03_johnson_02 My absolute favorite. Those tiny teeth are perfect. :) 17_03_johnson_03 I feel like they’re looking at time-warped mirror images.
17_03_johnson_04 17_03_johnson_05 17_03_johnson_06 Hi, buddy!17_03_johnson_07 I love that mama snuggle on the right. *sigh* Oliver looks so at home there.17_03_johnson_08 :D :D :D (And holy smokes, Diane! You are so beautiful!)17_03_johnson_09 17_03_johnson_10 17_03_johnson_11 17_03_johnson_12

Thank you so much, Kinsley & Diane, for letting me into your space and being so…well…at home. :) I had a great time with you and your little guy!

andy + alison | lincoln ne engagement photographer

Being around Andy and Alison makes me SO excited about all the good, good, good things that blossom in marriage. Love, sure, but also firm respect, a constant mutual encouragement, and the deepest friendship imaginable. You two are in for the best adventure of your lives, and it’s already off to such a sweet start!

IMG_0827 I wanted to live in this greenhouse after we got done shooting here. It did my can’t-wait-for-summer heart good! I love the magical combination of perfect light and a perfect couple.IMG_0765 IMG_0846Cuuuuuuuute, you guys.
IMG_0955IMG_0711 I know it doesn’t look it, but this day was very typically “March in Nebraska” (i.e. cold and windy). And when that’s the case, we pose for design + practicality. It didn’t take much extra suggesting to get them to cuddle close. :) But I will say that wind in Alison’s hair is worth a little shivering!
IMG_1086 IMG_1250IMG_1410For as much fun as these two have, they have an awesome depth to their relationship. This image on the left was taken during the best moment. Beautifully romantic things were being said, and it is without a doubt my favorite. :DIMG_1458IMG_1167 IMG_1567IMG_1549

Thank you Andy & Alison, for the best session and for being so dang cute. If I didn’t already have a thousand reasons to look forward to July, now I have another great one! Cheers!


best of 2016

All week I’ve been thinking about words. What words might describe what the new year will bring? What words will characterize my circumstances or my thoughts? And then I sat down to create this post – my absolute favorite of the year, because who doesn’t like to gather and dwell on their favorites? – and one word sticks out to me about the last year. “Humbled.” In 2016, I was humbled, and completely privileged to connect with so many different families and peek into their worlds. These people are like bonus family members to me, and I am humbled to have been able to draw near to the incredible relationships they have with one another, and turn their sweet connections into beautiful images. I hope they see what I see in these – beauty, trust, joy, and love. All these gorgeous faces are inspiring me BIG TIME for whatever’s coming down the road. :) Enjoy a few of my favorites from 2016.

16_02_wyatt_1916_04_smith_0616_05_muller1216_11_henke_11 16_11_orton_0616_05_kastoori_01 16_05_cox_0516_06_powell_11 16_06_rashmi_0716_05_muller1016_10_williamson_1216_09_wheeler_03 16_06_loya1416_06_sloup1016_10_memming_0916_09_cederdahl_0516_02_wyatt_0516_06_hall_1416_11_henke_3316_12_horner_09 16_06_deans0816_06_davis_06 16_06_loya0716_09_morales_0216_06_rashmi_06-116_09_wheeler_1116_12_moffatt_1116_07_boylan_0116_06_powell_0216_11_moffatt_01 16_09_thomas_08 16_09_cederdahl_0416_09_wheeler_42 16_10_henke_0416_07_sloup_13 16_10_hassler_1216_10_deriese_05 16_10_memming_0116_10_wortman_0516_11_henke_15 16_12_schnick_0616_07_spare_07 16_11_paxton_0916_06_sloup0316_10_williamson_03 16_11_orton_1416_09_wheeler_17 16_04_alan_0216_12_horner_01 16_11_morris_0616_11_fitzgerald_0416_04_smith_1216_09_wheeler_21 16_10_henke_1316_11_bronson_14 16_11_paxton_02 16_11_fulwider_1216_07_boylan_09 16_06_hall_0816_11_cox_05 16_12_debuse_13 16_09_morales_12 16_12_moffatt_09 16_12_schnick_08 16_06_davis_0216_11_henke_28

mark + jenna + harper + nora | lincoln ne family photographer

I have been so fortunate to work with the best of the best people in the years I’ve been photographing families. I’m not trying to sugarcoat it - I truly cannot think of enough happy superlatives to write about the awesome people I get to take pictures of. Each year gets better and better, and I’m full of gratitude as I finish up my 2016 sessions. This family, extra special to me because HEY! THAT’S MY BROTHER, is my last one of the year, and there’s no better way to wrap up. Warning: all I’m about to say is biased, but also completely true. :D These guys are rockstars. Made for one another. And very adorable. Wait ’til you see their kids!

16_12_moffatt_01 Major swoon. Meet my nieces Harper and Nora. The last time we did photos, Nora was a tiny baby, and it was pure sweetness to document their sisterhood this time. (You’ll also want to see their first session. )16_12_moffatt_02 Why am I blogging this photo, you ask? Time for another PSA about kids bein’ kids. (Interestingly, I have used sweet Harper as an example before…) Let’s be real – kids are awesome in that they will not pretend to be something they’re not. They have moods. They have ‘tudes. They’ll show up to your photo session and be shy instead of flashing their usual sunny smile. They sometimes take time to warm up, and truth be told, I love that. Let them be that way! Because then I can get photos like this one, of Harper Bean trying her darndest not to smile. Don’t worry, I cracked her. Keep scrollin’. :)16_12_moffatt_03 This one took a little less convincing!16_12_moffatt_04 Sweet, beautiful Nora girl, we love you!
16_12_moffatt_05 16_12_moffatt_06 16_12_moffatt_07 See? The personality couldn’t resist coming out. 16_12_moffatt_08 16_12_moffatt_09 Pretty sure these girls’ eyes have magical powers.16_12_moffatt_10 My favorite. :)16_12_moffatt_1116_12_moffatt_12

Hey Mark, thanks for marrying Jenna and bringing such an awesome new sister into my life, and thanks for having two of the best little girls so I could be their aunt. :D Love you all to pieces.

the debuse family | lincoln ne family photographer

This awesome family recently got together with me for some “everybody’s-in-the-same-city” photos! Every single person in these photos is overwhelmingly kind, even baby Elise with her fantastic smile. :) I had an awesome time with them.

16_12_debuse_01 Lisa & Chip, Mom & Dad, Meme & Gramps. Don’t these guys look like fun!? Answer: yes.
16_12_debuse_02 This sweet family drove from Minnesota…16_12_debuse_03 Eva, your pigtail game is 100%. Cutie!!!16_12_debuse_04 …and this adorable duo was in town all the way from Charleston!16_12_debuse_05 Lisa wanted this special baptismal gown to be part of their session. It’s been in her family for five generations (wow!!!) and now it’s Elise’s turn to wear it, so we got her all dressed up, and…16_12_debuse_06 she was SO PERFECT in it! How many three month old babies smile like that? Oh, she is so dang cute. This is everyone (minus Eva) who has worn the gown.16_12_debuse_07 16_12_debuse_08 16_12_debuse_09 Try saying no to this face!16_12_debuse_10 16_12_debuse_11 16_12_debuse_12 I love this! Grandpas are so wonderful. :)16_12_debuse_13

DeBuse family, thank you to the moon! It was such a pleasure to get to know you and photograph you all together for the holidays. Many thanks to you all for making it a part of your short time together!

justin + melissa + connor + emery | lincoln ne family photographer

I think it will be VERY clear, after looking through this glimpse of my session with Justin, Melissa, Connor and Emery why this family is my kind of family. They were so chill (literally, because it was pretty cold that day), relaxed, and had tons of fun with their photos. As a result, their personalities are just shining through these, and I am a little obsessed. :) And that’s all before I even talk about how dang cute they all are, so without further adieu, I present the very awesome Schnick family!

16_12_schnick_01-1 16_12_schnick_02 Connor, you handsome guy, those blue eyes are killer. And this photo of you with your gorgeous mom is a heart melter!16_12_schnick_03 If you know Justin, then this image is it. End of story.16_12_schnick_04Sweet, sweet Emery, ohhhhh how she loves the camera. It was beyond fun to photograph her, and what was even more fun was having her pose her parents later. Little art director, I think!16_12_schnick_05 Favorite on the left!
16_12_schnick_06 These two have the sweetest relationship. I love that Connor isn’t “too cool” (yet, at least!) to hug his sister. This photo better be in both your wedding slideshows when the time comes, mkay?
16_12_schnick_07 Superhero time! Did I mention these guys were fun? More of this all the time, everywhere please!16_12_schnick_08 16_12_schnick_09 16_12_schnick_10 Pause. Stop your scrolling for a minute, because this is worth studying. This is what marriage is supposed to look like, filled with joy, 19 years and counting. Bravo, you guys!16_12_schnick_11 16_12_schnick_12

Thank you so much, Schnicks! I had the best time with you guys. I hope these photos make you ridiculously happy every time you see them. :) Cheers!

the horner family | lincoln ne family photographer

I had never met these lovely people before, and I left our session wishing I was part of the Horner family. :) Can you even imagine how much fun this crew has when they are all together? Their smiles are 100% real, and they’re every bit as happy as they look.

16_12_horner_01 I’ve pretty much fallen in love with photographing grown, extended families like this one over the past few years. People who value having their pictures taken as a family throughout every season of what “family” looks like – those are people who speak my language.16_12_horner_02 16_12_horner_03 HA! I love John hugging Maddie’s husband Levi here.
16_12_horner_04 Rodeo! This dog was amazing to have in the session with us. Rodeo is everybody’s favorite. :)
16_12_horner_05 16_12_horner_06 Big families have more fun. (Ok, maybe not always, but obviously this one does!)16_12_horner_07 16_12_horner_08 These beautiful sisters wanted a girls photo with their mama, and they all laughed together so easily and heartily, and it was the cutest moment. Claudia, you are such an awesome mom – so fun to see how loved you are in just a little one-hour window!16_12_horner_09 The boys. A ton is this family’s laughter originates from these two. :)16_12_horner_10 16_12_horner_11 16_12_horner_12 Ending with one of my favorites of Claudia & Mike. :) Thank you both for sharing your amazing family with me! Cheers to all of you!!!16_12_horner_13