zach + rachel + elijah

Oh goodness, this is a good one, guys. My friend Zach moved away, he got married, they have a darling little boy, and I got to photograph them recently on a return visit to NEBRASKA! It was magical even before the golden glowing sunflowers lit up the landscape along with beautiful Rachel’s smile. 17_09_roth_01 Dreamy baby alert!17_09_roth_02 Number one trick to make Elijah smile = dad’s face. That’s not an insult, it’s a huge compliment! He just has such a connection with his daddy. ;)17_09_roth_0317_09_roth_04 The love between these three is just so good, and I think you can just see how it cycles in this photo. This one’s a favorite, for sure.17_09_roth_05 17_09_roth_06 Elijah. I noticed something awesome about this kid in his expressions – he flips between this serious, observant, furrowed “thinking” brow and a delighted joy. Juuuuuust a bit reminiscent of each of his parents? I think so.17_09_roth_07 17_09_roth_08 17_09_roth_09 There’s something about their fingers in this one that I love. :) 17_09_roth_10 17_09_roth_11 17_09_roth_12 Always one with just mom and dad. Zach & Rachel, it was such an honor to photograph all that makes you guys you. Elijah is the best, and so are you. We miss you already! 17_09_roth_13

kinsley + diane + oliver + baby

The bitty baby in this photo was born on Friday. It’s amazing. I cannot wait to meet her!!! I’m handling my excitement by blogging their maternity session. I bet it already seems like pregnancy was such a long time ago for this mama.

17_09_johnson_01 17_09_johnson_02 Meet Oliver, who is now a big brother. He is incredibly handsome, and has a super laid back sense about him. He’s gentle and tentative and a bunch of other things that will make him so good with a baby sister. She’s such a lucky little one.
17_09_johnson_03Savoring the last few days of being just the three of them.17_09_johnson_04 Diane, not only are you almost literally glowing in this photo on the right, but your smile is just incredibly beautiful. Such a lovely mama.17_09_johnson_05 17_09_johnson_07 My favorite on the right! :)17_09_johnson_06 I so enjoyed hanging out with you guys and photographing you just how you were before everything changed (again). See you and your sweet girl very soon!17_09_johnson_08

steve + molly + maryn + will | lincoln ne family photographer

I couldn’t be more partial to the precious people in these images. That will not stop me from gushing about them, and you’d better believe it’s 100% genuine. If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t say it. And I love these four something fierce.17_09_orton_01

That blonde curly thing in the middle is my niece Maryn. She currently has a major, cheesy-ready-for-the-camera smile she likes to use, and I remember Molly saying (somewhat defeated) as soon as we finished with this session, “I just wish you could get her real smile sometime.” Boom. Sister, that’s what I do.17_09_orton_02Of course one of the best parts of photographing families is looking back at older photos to see all the chang that happens in a short amount of time. If you want to see how crazy fast kids grow (and how my editing styles have changed over the years – ha!), click through to see 2014, 2015, and 2016.) Molly, you’re beautiful.17_09_orton_03 Will (my nephew) and his many faces were so on point. He crushed these photos - such a big kid!17_09_orton_04 My heart has so many feelings for this one. This is basically why i do my job – to focus on the beauty of connection, relationship and love.17_09_orton_05 17_09_orton_06 Her spunk is unmatched. UNmatched.17_09_orton_07 17_09_orton_08 17_09_orton_09 17_09_orton_10 17_09_orton_11 I love how he’s looking at his dad. You can just see he’s looking for reassurance and affirmation.
17_09_orton_12 This sweet and wild boy. He has a million traits and emotions all balled up inside him and it’s awesome seeing him grow. This grin – it’s Will’s grin. It’s his mischief and sweetness all layered together in the cutest freckled face around.17_09_orton_13 And to end…a dance party on the water. What else? Love, love, love you, Orton fam.17_09_orton_14

charlie + ashley + zoe

Oh, to find the right words for this session! Let’s start wth unrestrained joy. Breathtaking beauty in the face of sweet Zoe and the season of growing and learning a new set of ropes as a family. It was just my favorite thing walking in to their house to see these two friends (I had the pleasure of working with both of them in my designer days) taking on the title of parents with a relaxed comfort, like they had been made for it. So, so good!

17_09_stephan_01Their darling little Zoe was in her element for photos. She was bright-eyed and so expressive and she stole my heart.
17_09_stephan_02 Their pup Linus – Mr. Big Brother. One minute indifferent, the next wanting the spotlight. :)17_09_stephan_03 Those eyes…
17_09_stephan_04 17_09_stephan_05 17_09_stephan_06 You guys are going to have so much fun as parents. SO. MUCH. FUN! 17_09_stephan_07 There’s really no way to pick a favorite from this day, so I didn’t. But this one is a definite contender.17_09_stephan_08 17_09_stephan_09 17_09_stephan_10 17_09_stephan_11 17_09_stephan_12 17_09_stephan_13 Charlie and Ashley, my deepest thanks to you for letting me in on such an intimate, beautiful time in your family! She is the most perfect little bundle. Enjoy her to the fullest!17_09_stephan_14

the humphrey family | lincoln ne family photographer

The relationships in this family blew me away within the first fifteen minutes of meeting them. What an incredible honor to photograph generations!! I sincerely hope these amazing kids remember their grandparents like this (hearts full, enjoying and treasuring time with them) always.

17_09_humphrey_01 Big families have so much fun. :)17_09_humphrey_02 17_09_humphrey_03 17_09_humphrey_04 I especially love siblings that crack each other up. Evie, the spunky sweetheart in the middle is adored by her brothers, and it’s clear they are her best friends. 17_09_humphrey_05 And these two… :D :D :D There’s plenty of personality to go around in their house I’m sure!17_09_humphrey_06 17_09_humphrey_07 Having family photos taken should be fun. Always, always, always fun. Even if the moms and dads don’t choose to hang this photo or use it for a Christmas card, there should always be enough fun for the goofy, crazy personalities to show their lovely faces!
17_09_humphrey_08 Personally, this is my frame pick for this session. ;) Cousins are simply wonderful.17_09_humphrey_0917_09_humphrey_10 17_09_humphrey_11 17_09_humphrey_12 17_09_humphrey_13 One of my favorites parts of extended family sessions is seeing the “original” family together, and imagining all the history and shared memories they have between them. This right here fills my heart up big time. :) I’m so grateful to you, Humphrey family, for sharing who you are with me!

andy + alison | lincoln ne wedding photographer

These photos represent a day of extraordinary love, deep commitment and a big ol’ party to celebrate it all. You know when the bride says the thing she’s most looking forward to is cutting loose on the dance floor, you’re in for a goooooood good day. Alison and Andy, what a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day.

17_08_nickel_01 17_08_nickel_02 17_08_nickel_03 17_08_nickel_04 You’ll notice it, so there’s really no need to point it out, but Alison’s smile is the best one in the entire world. The very prettiest. It shows all her joy, all the time. She’s gorgeous!17_08_nickel_05 17_08_nickel_06 17_08_nickel_0717_08_nickel_08 Daaang! You two and your good looks.17_08_nickel_09 These next two are undeniably my favorites. (This first one reminds me a bit of this one from their engagement session… )
17_08_nickel_10 17_08_nickel_11 17_08_nickel_12 This wedding party. Ohhh, how I loved them! Keep scrolling and you’ll see they’re all basically models. ;) Models with a lot of spunk. 17_08_nickel_1317_08_nickel_14 17_08_nickel_15 17_08_nickel_16Our fearless ring bearer, getting a little coaching from dad before the ceremony.17_08_nickel_17 17_08_nickel_18 17_08_nickel_19 17_08_nickel_20 Married! I love their nephew’s face watching them kiss. :D :D17_08_nickel_21 Did I mention there was a party?17_08_nickel_22 17_08_nickel_23 17_08_nickel_24 17_08_nickel_25 I honestly can’t get over how Andy looks at his bride. Alison, you’ve got such a winner. He absolutely treasures you.17_08_nickel_26 17_08_nickel_2717_08_nickel_28 17_08_nickel_29 17_08_nickel_30 17_08_nickel_31 My favorite moment of the dance was when Alison’s dad hit the dance floor and JAMMED to Old Time Rock and Roll. (At least I’m 99.9% sure that was the song. I can almost hear it!)17_08_nickel_32 17_08_nickel_33 17_08_nickel_34 17_08_nickel_35

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs.! Your day was a dream, and your love well worth celebrating. Cheers to you and all your adventures together!

dave + elizabeth + ariadne + emily + porter

I looooove days like today: when I get to blog photos of families loving on one another, laughing together, and being their crazy beautiful selves. These are familiar faces indeed, and I am so thrilled to share Dave and Elizabeth’s family. Remember when the twins were born?? And before that. And before that? Watching kids grow up is bananas.17_08_hall_01 Emily. Porter. Almost-walking. ;)17_08_hall_02 This sweetheart is so much fun to be around, and a quite impressive big sister. Ari, I can’t believe you’re nearly four!17_08_hall_03 17_08_hall_04 Elizabeth’s only request was one photo in which they all looked human. :D Well, I aim to please, and then some. These are some joy-filled, human-looking humans.17_08_hall_05 I have such mad respect for this lady. She carries out motherhood with so much grace, and always has a genuine smile on her face. She’s amazing, and I have loved hearing about her life with her three sweet kids. 17_08_hall_06 17_08_hall_07 17_08_hall_08 A little family cuddle time. 17_08_hall_0917_08_hall_10 These next two are my favorites of each of the twins. The eyes on these two are the most perfect starry baby eyes!17_08_hall_11 17_08_hall_12 17_08_hall_13Friends + lovers + partners. :) Much love to this family and as always, my deepest thanks for letting me glimpse some of your magic. 17_08_hall_14