When I'm with this crew, I'm the happiest, truest version of myself.

Hi, I'm Jenny!

so glad you found me

I wish we could have this conversation over coffee and donuts, but an online bio will have to do for now. I’m a creative, snarky, introverted, people-loving photographer (trust me, that’s a thing, and I’m it). I cannot get enough of making a big deal of people and their love. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my wonderful husband David and our three vibrant girls, Claire, Jane and Ivy. They are incredible, cute, and a little nuts – I love them to pieces.

You Wouldn’t Know It

I don’t consider myself to be overly emotional or sentimental, but when it comes to editing photos, it’s a whole different story. At some point in looking through the images I take of you, something is guaranteed to stop me in my tracks and bring on a tear (or sometimes a whole bunch). You’re all just so darn lovely.

Where My Heart Is

I’m 100% committed to bringing authenticity to your photographs. That means drawing out your laughter, signature smirk, that look you share with your loved one – the real YOU. I see ridiculous beauty in you and the way you love your people, and my job isn’t done until I’ve shown you that.

Things that inspire me

A great color palette, geometric lines and patterns, my own family, mountains, the Olympics, pretty paper goods, the sky, carbs, people being themselves, and a good dance playlist.

Favorite titles: Mom & Aunt

I love being a mom more than I could have ever imagined, and I have the added honor of being an aunt to nine(!) nieces and nephews. Life in our family is one giant energy-infused party…or something like that!