best of 2018

Whoops, is it not 2018 anymore? And NOT the first week of the New Year??? It’s March. Wellll, can I still post my Best of 2018? SURE! Late or not, I refuse to miss this fun business milestone and tradition of mine. It’s way too fun to look back on the previous year and all the truly stunning folks who’ve passed in front of my lens. It remains the greatest honor to photograph people. PEOPLE. Crazy, beautiful, normal, wild, vibrant people. All different kinds in all different situations, with one common thread: they’re sharing life with people they love, and we’re honoring and acknowledging that through photos. Here’s to all of you! And next time, I have a feeling I will be slightly more punctual thanks to the absence of a maternity leave taking up the better part of 3 months at year end. 😉