best of 2014

I find a lot of personal significance, when I look back at the year 2014. There are the obvious things that were happening, like most of my daughter’s first year of life, big decisions like leaving my day job to pursue photography full time, etc. But amidst those things, I think I just grew a lot, and I don’t know how exactly to define that growth, but I know it was good. I also know it had to do with photographing amazing people, and WOW, did I have the opportunity to do that. Time, and time again, I just got to interact with wonderful human beings, and witness their enjoyment of life and one another. To me, it doesn’t get a lot better than that, so 2015, you have much to live up to. To all those who’ve trusted me as their photographer this past year, I just want to humbly say thank you for being yourself with me. Every one of you has changed me, and I am grateful.
Some of my absolute favorite images of the year. Enjoy.
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