the schmidt family

Say hello to Mallory & Landon! They’re gonna be PARENTS!!! In a time when the world is filled with chaos, their lucky little girl is going to be welcomed into calm and peace. These two have plenty of that, and I imagine it has come in handy these last few months as they prepare for all the changes coming their way.

These images remind me of how maternity photos have such a delayed value. Sure, they’re a nice way to press pause on all the planning and just enjoy this fleeting season before it’s gone. But they really become mind-blowing a few months into diaper changing, night feedings, laundry mountains and counting off hours and hours of staring into tiny facial features. Then you catch a glimpse of the maternity photo on your wall and you can hardly comprehend what life was like FOREVER ago when your baby was just waiting to meet you. Staring at these images then will be pure time warp craziness.

So real, so sweet, and so joyful.

These are my two very favorites from our time together. On the left, it just seems like “them”. And on the right, holy smokes, Mallory, you are gorgeous.

I’ll just be over here counting down the days right along with you, Schmidt fam! Thank you so much for letting me pause time with you – what a joy!