the olson family

Oh goodness, this fun fun fun family is about to get even better! Baby Olson is on the way – is it February yet??

Katie and Max have these vivid, magnetic personalities that perfectly complement each other. What a duo! They already have some parenting experience with their cute pup Charlie. She is crazy-loved, so it’s a pretty great indicator that they will be wonderful parents to their little boy. Katie, you sure are a beautiful mama-to-be!

Charlie LOVED her close-up!

I’m really excited for Katie to meet her little one and enter into that incredibly special bond that is so unique to boy moms. She’s going to be his everything.

We got lots of photos of Charlie’s affectionate nature. She’s going to really like having a baby around. 😉 Thank you so much for a fun session, Katie and Max! I can’t wait to meet your son and see all the changes he will bring unfold around you very soon!