the holt family

The blog has never looked so happy as it does today with this crew. Dear friends, if any of you believes you can rival Ryan’s raised eyebrow in terms of awesomeness, please direct yourself to my contact form, and let’s get that business documented for posterity! In all seriousness – bring me your family’s quirks, personalities and laughter. I can’t get enough.

It’s been almost four years since I last photographed this crew, so naturally, a few things have changed. Jordan is an official adult, now, and smiley as ever. Her joy is contagious, and it’s clear that the whole family adores her and soaks up her positive energy.

I love how this family does photos. No stress, all laughing and teasing each other, and tie-dye. 🙂

Oh, and chickens! I promised there would be chickens in this post, and here they are. Ryan is a proud chicken papa, and even has them trained to do some tricks like jumping for food and not pecking out his eye. Impressive!

Maeble is still Maeble! She’s a true firecracker and the wannabe boss of the family. I adore her curiosity and the way she owns her personality. Her big brother Jackson is quietly hilarious, and matches his dad’s appetite for practical jokes and fun. He’s the kind of person everybody wants to be around.

Why, yes, I did take a similar camera photo of Maeble in 2017! Thanks for remembering! 😉

After a quick outfit change, we headed to a nearby park for a little variety. We certainly got it – the things happening just outside the frame in this photo were extra special, and I hope they’re firmly attached to the memory of it forever.

Maeble, you just keep getting cuter and sweeter.

This is my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE.

Guys, I had so much fun with you all! You’re amazing. Thank you for making me feel like I know you more than I do – it takes a special family to do that, and I can’t wait for our next hangout. Cheers!