the holt family

Welcome to the blog, Holt family!!!!!! These guys have something special going on. They enjoy one another so dang much (and for good reason – they’re all wonderful) and it made me all kinds of happy. I could have hung out with them all afternoon, but couldn’t because they had to go to Costco. 😉
Let’s kick things off with a fave, because typography and little Maeble’s side kick. 😀
17_12_holt_02Speaking of sweet Miss Maeble, here she is in all her sunshine-y glory!
17_12_holt_03 She showed up ready to report for photo-taking duty! I’m a sucker for kids who love the camera (duh) so we became fast friends. Her smile alone would have done the trick, though. 17_12_holt_04 I’m gonna go ahead and say that Maeble’s favorite person is Jordyn. Not only is she incredibly pretty, she’s an all-star big sister, and wins bonus points because she was brave enough to stand between the cacti for this photo. Trooper. She told me she’s “the strong one” – I think that’s true in more ways than one.17_12_holt_05 Her smile, too! I’m going to stop right here with how great all their smiles are, because they’re all just perfect. Say hey to Jackson on the right! There’s a good chance he’s cooler than you. Hockey stud, bookworm, go-with-the-flow middle child, wielder of comic book knowledge…17_12_holt_06 17_12_holt_07 17_12_holt_08 Mom & Dad, laughing at Maeble. 🙂
17_12_holt_09 I love little sister being out of height order, facing the wrong way, and holding her brother’s hand in this one. Imperfection > perfection.17_12_holt_10Jordyn, the cactus might be your spirit animal.
17_12_holt_11 17_12_holt_12 Of course all parents need & want photos of their kids as they grow up and change – but IMHO, moms and dads, you need to see how your marriage changes, too. And even better, the parts that haven’t changed, like how you still laugh together like you’ve always laughed.17_12_holt_13 17_12_holt_14 These last two: that sweet, spunky Maeble wasted no time learning how a photographer gets to boss the fam around. She’s giving directions about where to stand, faces to make, who should move together. And then…17_12_holt_15 She just plain took over. 🙂 17_12_holt_16
Holt fam, I could not have enjoyed this day any more than I did. Thank you for bringing your photo A-game (i.e. being yourselves and having fun). 😀 YOU’RE AMAZING!