the deans family

This whole session gets a big “Heck, YES” from me. Two stinkin’ adorable blue-eyed brothers and their funny (and equally cute) parents, plus we started things off at home to include sweet Margo the pup. I’ll take that any day of the week. 😉
16_06_deans01 Landon is killing me in this one!16_06_deans02 His eyes bore through your soul, no? The last time I photographed Landon, he was just barely walking and his energy level has only multiplied. He’s SUCH a fun kid.16_06_deans0316_06_deans04 I’ve said it before, but I looooove having mom and dad take a few pics sans kids. Case in point!16_06_deans05 Big brother. Little brother. Foreshadowing!16_06_deans06 Do you see William gettin’ a big old fist of Landon’s hair on the right? Big bro is so patient with him. 😀16_06_deans07 Sometimes picking a favorite is easy. This one’s it for me.
16_06_deans08 16_06_deans0916_06_deans10 Oh, William. This boy’s sweet eyes and hilarious giggle take no time to charm you. His favorite thing is Landon, which I love.16_06_deans11 16_06_deans12
You guys are just perfect, and I couldn’t have had more fun with your session. Thanks for hanging with me!!!