the memming family

I’ve been loving how personal and down-to-earth my family sessions have been lately. Really, they have looked a lot like real life, but with everyone in cute, coordinating clothes (and this family’s outfit game was on point!). We hang out, play with kids, go for little walks, find mini adventures, eat snacks. It’s a good life. 🙂 I get that it can be stressful – you want it to go well, you want the pictures to turn out, you want your kids to behave and you don’t have lots of control over any of it! But, it is a beautiful, magical mess, and the more true-to-life it stays, the more vividly your personalities come shining through the photos. And seeing your real personalities makes my heart overflow.
That’s what this night was all about.
16_10_memming_01 This little cutie pie is a show stopper! I am mesmerized by Elle’s eyes, and she has style for days (nice work, mama). She recently turned ONE and is sweet as they come.16_10_memming_02 16_10_memming_03 Handsome Mr. Miles. His eyebrows are constantly furrowed in a curious expression and he’s one of the most focused toddlers I’ve ever met. The last time I photographed his family, we were awaiting the arrival of his little sister, so it was super fun to see him as an awesome big brother. 16_10_memming_04 16_10_memming_05 16_10_memming_06 We started out near a playground, and it was 100% on Miles’ radar (think homing beacon status). He was very happy when we moved our photo-taking in the direction of said park. 😉 16_10_memming_08 Elle wasn’t mad about it, either. That smile!16_10_memming_09 16_10_memming_10 Boys and their moms. I don’t know what it is, but that bond is something crazy special.
16_10_memming_11 16_10_memming_12
Thanks for wandering with me for the evening and giving me a glimpse of your every day – you guys are the best!!