the memming family

I haven’t had this tough of a time choosing my favorite images to blog in a WHILE. I started out with twice this many! This family was just so adorable and fun to work with. Let me start by introducing you to Miles – the sweet, handsome, focused little guy hangin’ out in dad’s lap.
15_08_memming_01 15_08_memming_02 He was a big fan of our choice to start at the park. 🙂15_08_memming_03 And here’s his family, and all three of them belong in a magazine!! 15_08_memming_04 This is Ginni. She is completely gorgeous, and extra glow-y, as she’s expecting baby #2 just around the corner. So we made sure to highlight her sweet, special bump with some maternity shots of just her.15_08_memming_18 15_08_memming_06 Gosh, I’m glad this kid likes to smile. Those teeth are just the best. 15_08_memming_07 15_08_memming_08 Dear Lincoln, Nebraska. The more walls you paint perfect, pretty colors, the better. K, thanks!15_08_memming_09 Miles looooooved this throw-yourself-backwards business and didn’t want to stop, even after we’d moved on. Ha! Silly dude.15_08_memming_10 15_08_memming_11 Jeremie and Ginni are wonderfully comfortable together. Just in having a simple conversation, they brought out such genuine smiles from one another. 15_08_memming_13 15_08_memming_14 15_08_memming_15 Ginni, you honestly didn’t take a bad photo the entire night. Such a pleasure to photograph you and your family in such an exciting season of enjoying Miles, and anticipating his sibling. 🙂15_08_memming_16 And lastly, all summer sessions ought to end with an ice cream cone. This one especially! It was well-deserved, Miles. Way to go, bud! Thanks again to this sweet family for spending some unguarded, unhurried time with me! 15_08_memming_17