the morgan family

welcome, eleanora!

Prepare your hearts! There is so much tenderness, genuine happiness and grace being exchanged between the three members of this family, and it’s a mighty thing to witness. Elizabeth and Will welcomed their daughter Eleanora a few weeks ago. She is so magical!

This girlie is a top notch snoozer. She just snuggled away with her hands while I went to work adoring her. Yes. My job = the best.

Once she decided to be awake and see what on earth was going on, she had lots she wanted to say and a number of requests to make. Yet her tiny observant eyes kept both me and her parents swooning. She’s just the cutest thing ever.

Like I said, SWOONING!

Do you guys remember their wedding?! It was on a stunningly gorgeous fall day, and these two looked at each other just like this that entire day. Their happiness is really contagious, and I felt it the whole day of this session.

Will has a certain humble confidence that makes him appear a long-time veteran of all the parenting stuff, even though he’s new at it. He is so well-suited to have a daughter, and these two have a million tender moments to look forward to.

Mama’s pretty great, too! Gosh. If every kiddo had that beautiful, friendly smile encouraging them in all they did, they would be so lucky. I love seeing all Liz’s strengths being carefully applied to the new role of “Mother”.

On the right – there’s never been a good yawning photo of a newborn I didn’t love. It’s my favorite.

Ciao, baby girl. Thank you for being the perfect little thing to photograph, and the perfect sweetheart to multiply your parents’ joy. Until next time!