will & elizabeth


It’s time for a heart-warming wedding post! I’m so grateful to share this day with you all. Will and Liz were married surrounded by their families and friends, with joy spilling over from one person to the next.

Liz, the stunning bride, with help from her sisters and her mom, did not have a single strand out of place. She was in good hands.

She truly glowed, and her heart is just the sweetest. She is so very genuine. She laughed so much the entire day, and was literally as happy as you can be.

This is Will’s mom, putting his grandmother’s bracelet on Liz.

Her reaction to seeing herself all ready-to-go was my favorite of all time. 🙂 Time to go see her groom!

Your love is amazing, you two. The way you guys look at each other is full of so much respect and care.

You wouldn’t even know it from these images, but the weather was a little crazy, even for Nebraska. It was cold – so cold – with some reeeeally intense and chilly wind, and everyone just embraced it. It was honestly no match for these guys. I think it could have snowed and they still would have been this in love and happy.

Hey, wedding party! You guys were the BEST. Will and Liz know how to pick great friends. (And siblings!)

I love Liz’s relationship with her dad…

…and her sisters…

…and her mom. Do you see her parents sticking out their tongues? Gosh, they’re fun.

Will’s family had some antics of their own, but the overwhelming feeling from them is just how much they all love and support Will.

This one on the right with his mom had me very close to tears.

Their ceremony was just beautiful, and incredibly intimate, with thoughtful, personal touches woven through it.

MARRIED! And pretty happy about it.

We were rewarded for getting through the cold with the prettiest, glowing light after their ceremony. I kept telling them it would be worth it to hike through some long grass for these, and in my opinion it totally was. Not to mention it felt really good to stand in the sunshine! Thanks for rolling with it, guys!

Best wedding favors – bags of coffee beans from the Coffee Roaster! And homemade dog and cat treats “with love” from Will and Liz’s pets. 😀

Speeches are maybe the best part of the day. I love the stories that are shared about the couple and all the laughter that ensues.

Still chilly, but still smiling!

Will and Liz, It was such an honor to celebrate your wedding with you guys! I’m incredibly happy for you and wishing you the best as you begin married life together. Cheers!


These wonderful vendors helped make this wedding so gorgeous!

Bride’s Dress: Adorned Bridal
Bride’s Rings: Etsy
Groom’s Ring: Riddles
Cake & Cupcakes: Butterfly Bakery
Decor: some items from This & That