andy & alison


These photos represent a day of extraordinary love, deep commitment and a big ol’ party to celebrate it all. You know when the bride says the thing she’s most looking forward to is cutting loose on the dance floor, you’re in for a goooooood good day. Alison and Andy, what a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day.
17_08_nickel_01 17_08_nickel_02 17_08_nickel_03 17_08_nickel_04 You’ll notice it, so there’s really no need to point it out, but Alison’s smile is the best one in the entire world. The very prettiest. It shows all her joy, all the time. She’s gorgeous!17_08_nickel_05 17_08_nickel_0717_08_nickel_08 Daaang! You two and your good looks.17_08_nickel_09 These next two are undeniably my favorites. (This first one reminds me a bit of this one from their engagement session… )
17_08_nickel_10 17_08_nickel_11 17_08_nickel_12 This wedding party. Ohhh, how I loved them! Keep scrolling and you’ll see they’re all basically models. 😉 Models with a lot of spunk. 17_08_nickel_1317_08_nickel_14 17_08_nickel_15 17_08_nickel_16Our fearless ring bearer, getting a little coaching from dad before the ceremony.17_08_nickel_17 17_08_nickel_18 17_08_nickel_19 17_08_nickel_20 Married! I love their nephew’s face watching them kiss. 😀 😀17_08_nickel_21 Did I mention there was a party?17_08_nickel_22 17_08_nickel_23 17_08_nickel_24 17_08_nickel_25 I honestly can’t get over how Andy looks at his bride. Alison, you’ve got such a winner. He absolutely treasures you.17_08_nickel_26 17_08_nickel_2717_08_nickel_28 17_08_nickel_29 17_08_nickel_30 17_08_nickel_31 My favorite moment of the dance was when Alison’s dad hit the dance floor and JAMMED to Old Time Rock and Roll. (At least I’m 99.9% sure that was the song. I can almost hear it!)17_08_nickel_32 17_08_nickel_33 17_08_nickel_34 17_08_nickel_35
Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs.! Your day was a dream, and your love well worth celebrating. Cheers to you and all your adventures together!