the singsank family

Hello, world! I’d like you to meet baby Valerie, in all her perfect newborn splendor. She is truly something else.

Cuddled up with her smitten mom and dad. There is honestly nothing more gorgeous than brand new parents loving on their baby.

Rachel is one of those total naturals who you’d think has been a mom for years already, when in fact it had been a few days. Also, I don’t think she’s stopped smiling since she met this sweet baby girl of hers.

Yes, girl. Make all the faces!

And then there’s Clyde. The gorgeous, golden-retriever-big-bro who has some convincing to do before he and Val are besties, I think.

I’m guessing this is a new favorite place to be for both of them.

Zach and Rachel, don’t change a thing you’re doing. It was a pleasure to meet Valerie and document this brand new season with you. Happy admiring!