the ryan family

welcome, jaxson!

The adjustment to a new normal of having your first baby around can be described with plenty of adjectives, but the one I think pairs best with each one of them is “grateful”. You’re enamored + grateful; changed + grateful; exhausted + grateful. I can see gratitude all over AJ and Maddy when they look at their beautiful new baby boy.

Jaxson is so tiny and fragile and incredibly sweet, yet something about him seems wise to me. I think he’s gonna be an old soul. 🙂

There’s almost nothing I love more than being around newly expanded families. Happiness levels are so dang high!

Jaxson’s eyes are mesmerizing. I wish he could say what he’s thinking!

Maddy is already a natural, fabulous mama. It was so beautiful to see her patiently comfort and calm her son. He clearly thinks she’s the best thing ever.

AJ is also starting parenthood off on the right foot, by making sure Jaxson has the biggest teddy bear imaginable, and giving him loads of affection. 🙂 These two are in for SO much fun together.

If Jaxson’s little smirk is even 1/10 of his full smile, then watch out – he is going to have the most handsome grin!

It was such a pleasure meeting you, Jaxson, and getting to document this sliver of the beginning of your life. Thank you, AJ and Maddy, for sharing him with me for a bit. Wishing you plenty of sleep, beautiful time together, and of course, all the little moments of gratitude you can find.