3 months

Despite the fact that I didn’t blog about Claire turning 3 months old, she did, in fact, do it. We’re nine days out from 4 by now, but I wanted to share some photos from month three anyway. I mean, I did take the chair picture. I knew from the beginning I would not always do this ON the 14th of each month. Close counts in my book. So here are a few snapshots of Claire’s life at this stage.
This month covered a few fun events in our family: Halloween and our 5 Year Anniversary. We actually sort of did Halloween this year. My mom was awesome about Halloween. She sews, so she always made us unique, amazing costumes by hand. It was such a special thing, now that I look back on it, that we were able to be whatever we wanted to be each year – she made it happen. I remember being a gypsy, Maid Marian, a spider with legs made from my dad’s black tube socks and strung together so they moved together when I raised my arms. My sister was a belly dancer one year. It was so imaginative and exciting. I can’t sew at nearly the same level, but I’d like to think I’m creative enough to make my kids costumes each year if I just plan ahead and put in the time. For some reason, even though Claire is still so tiny, I wanted to make a costume this year to start the tradition of doing it annually. I’ve found myself scrambling in this way on several occasions. I want to start traditions for our family that we’ll be able to say we did every year, even if I barely scrape them together this year in the whirlwind of having our first child. The holidays are bringing out this desire in a big way, and I am having to be careful not to let those ideas overshadow the meaning of celebrating holidays or put pressure on David and I to create some kind of perfect childhood for Claire. That’s not going to happen, and that’s ok. These are the rambling thoughts that barrel through my “new mom” mind throughout the day. 🙂

Anyway, all that to say: Claire was a gnome for Halloween.


And not just any gnome – the Travelocity one. Because she had to fit our Amazing Race theme.

We spent a quick weekend in Nebraska City at the Lied Lodge to celebrate our anniversary. It was really fun to have our little with us, and she did so good on the trip. We even tried swimming with her and she didn’t mind too much. She doesn’t exactly think water is fun yet, but she was willing to accomodate us. We walked all over the grounds of the lodge and enjoyed one of the last nice-weather weekends. This was right before I went back to work, and I am so thankful we got a little retreat to celebrate and enjoy time together as maternity leave came to an end. *Sniffle* 🙂


I made Claire a mobile for her room a few months ago, and she loves it. That changing pad is one of her favorite places to be right now.


*Sigh* We love her so much. Happy belated 3 months, little bear!