the cox family

It’s one adorable moment after another with this fun bunch. I’m so excited to have them back on the blog! When the kids stepped out of the car for photos, I literally gasped. Life’s not fair in terms of how rapidly the littles become bigs. *SIGH*

The twins are basically giants now! Sweet, happy, darling little giants. 🙂 They have double the energy, double the fun, double the curiosity…get the idea? They’re double everything, especially the cuteness. On the right, Kinsley was (politely) adamant that we take a sister picture. There was no way I would pass up the opportunity to document her doting big sister skills in action!

This is gorgeous Evie! Her eyes are like sparkly little diamonds, and she is truly the most innocent sweetheart around. Everyone in the family so obviously adores her. She’s a lucky lady!

Many of these photos seem to move, but this one has some serious SOUND! Please note: Tommi and Mollie look appropriately entertained yet unfazed.

Kinsley wins the award for most dramatic change since our last photos (yes, even more than the on-the-go twinnies)! This strong, confident first grader will take the world by storm, I have no doubt. I think I could listen to her for hours and never be bored. You are wonderful, Kinsley!

Personalities on display!

The coolest sessions end with firetrucks, right? This was totally unplanned, and totally awesome, thanks to the fine folks at Lincoln Fire & Rescue!

Yep, you can climb all over it, press buttons, AND sit in the driver’s seat. Why not? This is Ezra, and he strikes me as flexible, fun, and affectionate. He was sooooo into the fire truck business, but also very hesitant and calculated in his response. His eyes were glazed over with wonder, and I think he had a pretty stellar night.

I will work on outrageous ideas to top this one for next time, mkay guys?! High fives to all five of you for such a great night!