the janssen family

Oh happy day, the Janssens are back! They’ve added a person, and their other little person got a lot bigger since the last time we did photos. All this change looks good on you, Mike & Laura!

Lila! This sweet girl’s sunny and inquisitive personality is contagious. She seems to always be thinking and determining and understanding (sooooo much like her parents), and she laughs with her whole person just like her mama!

I was giddy to meet Sam. He’s such a squish, and has sparkly eyes and he’s training to be the baby spit-up champ of the world, so he had to put some of that on display during photos (no worries, it doesn’t ruin everything – that’s a myth!). His cute grin is just too much.

This is a portrait of motherhood. Laura she’s your mini and I seriously loved watching you love on her.

There is not a rounder, more perfect baby face than Sam’s!

Laura & Mike, this time was so sweet. Your family is a joy to be around!