the cox family

I’ve been so ready to have this crew back on the blog! I had not even seen these sweet twin babies since their newborn session, so needless to say, I was excited and shocked at how much they’ve grown. They are sweet as can be! I was informed that Ezra is (as you can see) happy-go-lucky and Evie is all blue steel, so it was game on with little Miss. However, in the name of keepin’ it real – we gotta capture some of that ‘tude, too!

Never for a moment think Kinsley Cox will be overshadowed by the cuteness of her little twin siblings. She is a star. 😀 Plus, she loooooves those cuties fiercely.

Blue steel couldn’t hold out for long! 😉

My favorite. Mollie, I LOVE how your laugh photographs! You guys all embrace the inevitable chaos of a family of five really well, and I have so much respect for that.

Ezra and his happy face, in his happy place.

Twins are amazing. How on earth they match their movements, their mannerisms, their looks – all while maintaining very different personalities and uniqueness is absolutely mind-blowing! Look how same-same they are on the left!

Kinsley, you are a bright beam of sunshine and I love your adventurous spirit.

It’s always such a pleasure to hang with you, Tommi, Mollie & fam! Until next time!