all the smiths

I mean ALL of ’em! As you know, the Smiths are some of my favorite families and I have been SO fortunate to photograph them as they add one precious little person at a time. We recently got everyone together, including Grandma and Grandpa, before a Husker game to snap some awesome, big family love.
14_10_smiths_01 14_10_smiths_02
These two cousins are the best of friends. When they arrived, they both started jumping up and down, hugging, and running around holding hands. Oh my, they love each other.
14_10_smiths_03 14_10_smiths_04 14_10_smiths_05 14_10_smiths_06 14_10_smiths_07 14_10_smiths_08 14_10_smiths_09
They have one fun grandpa. I teared up editing these, just appreciating how lucky these boys are. He delights in them – what a beautiful picture that paints.
14_10_smiths_10 14_10_smiths_11 14_10_smiths_12 14_10_smiths_13 14_10_smiths_14
Uncle Phil. He is the Smith brother I know the least, but everything his sisters-in-law say about him glows with praise. I think the kids are a little partial to him. He was such a good sport when I “suggested” the boys could crawl all over him for a few photos. 🙂
One of my favorites.
14_10_smiths_16 14_10_smiths_17
Ohhhh, how I love the ones of the parents, or in this case grandparents! How long has it been since your parents were photographed? It is so important, friends.
You are an extraordinary family, you Smiths! Thanks for the good times! I treasure them.