tyler & mandy

When I think of Tyler and Mandy, the phrase that comes to mind is “Killing it”! Because that’s what these two are doing with life. They are so much fun, up for anything, super in love (which I super love), and highly creative people with ideas, ideas, ideas. We lucked out with probably the best day for photos of the whole season and with the exception of the survival-of-the-fittest mosquitos we had to deal with (in late October!!), it treated us just dandy.
14_11_thomas_01 14_11_thomas_05 14_11_thomas_08 14_11_thomas_02 14_11_thomas_07
This might be my favorite photo I’ve taken all year. Ok, it is.
14_11_thomas_03 14_11_thomas_06 14_11_thomas_11 14_11_thomas_04 14_11_thomas_10 14_11_thomas_09
Tyler & Mandy, at some point, you’re gonna have to quit being so adorable to be fair to the rest of us. 🙂 Thanks for having fun with me, friends!