the schwarz family

There is nothing more magical than a happy baby, and Avett is the most magical of all! This boy! It’s clear to see his parents are crazy in love with him, and who wouldn’t be? I’m just so happy for all of them. Happy, happy, happy. 🙂

Do you remember Avett’s newborn session? He’s been dreamy from the beginning. This grin did not leave his face the whole morning. It helps, of course, to have a super fun dad and an adoring mama around all the time.

Joey & Tawna, you guys are doing a fantastic job as parents. His joy and contentment around you both is absolutely beautiful!

Whatever they’re talking about, Avett thinks it’s hilarious. 🙂

This may be my favorite image I’ve taken all year. This mama’s love for her boy is so evident when you see them together. And I wouldn’t tug his shirt down for anything. Baby bellies forever!

These two? They’re in for a lifetime of FUN together.

One thing I’ve learned from years of photographing families is that dads love to throw babies. They cannot resist!

Ok, great! I’m all set for warm fuzzy feelings for the rest of the week. Thanks, Joey & Tawna! I truly had a blast seeing Avett’s sweet personality and witnessing the magic that is your family.