the schwarz family

I have had so many beautiful, tiny miracles to photograph lately, and it is filling my cup BIG TIME! It feels like a bit of therapy to my week – an extra little dopamine hit each time. 😉 And here’s Avett! He is super awesome, and has a momma who will never spend a day of her life NOT loving on him, plus a dad who will make sure he is laid-back and chill with a great sense of humor. Winning combo.

Shoutout to his namesake, the Avett Brothers!

Avett gave me a very skeptical look the entire time I photographed him. He was not at all sure about me. 🙂

On the other hand, He is very sure about Tawna. The mother-baby bond is immediate, and it is no joke. It was fabulous to see Tawna in her new role, with so much love for her little boy.

They are both just so proud of him, and they have every reason to be.

See? Such a handsome little skeptic!

This one’s my favorite. 🙂

The pups were allowed in a quick family pic before we wrapped up. Beans (left) was clearly enthused! Joey & Tawna, I truly can’t wait to see your little guy again in a year, and I’m so excited for the adventures you’ll have between now and then.