the kane malik family

Delphine: 12 months

The sweetness of Delphine knows no bounds. She has been a blast to photograph over the last year, and seeing her grow has been a sunshine-y treat! How can this possibly be the same sweet baby in these newborn photos??

Guillaume and Jennifer absolutely shower their girl with love. They are such tender, thoughtful parents.

Delphine seems to either be completely happy or completely intrigued 100% of the time. I don’t know that I’ve seen her upset any of the times we’ve gotten together. She’s simply charming!

FAVORITE. I see every ounce of love the three of them share in this photo!

Guillaume & Jen, I can’t thank you enough for letting me peak in on your family every few months as you’ve charted the new territory of parenthood this year. Your family is amazing – I hope you enjoy these snapshots of Delphine’s first year forever!