the kane malik family

Whenever I’m preparing for a newborn session, I’m waiting on a sweet mama to bring her amazing baby into the world. Then I get a text. She’s here! My heart jumps every time. It’s one of the best parts of my job. When Guillaume messaged me that Delphine had arrived, I got to see a sweet hospital picture of her perfection, and could not wait to come meet her myself. She is straight from heaven!

I’ve rarely had a baby give me more yawns during a session! She was all swaddled up and snoozing away when we started, and as we set those tiny arms free, she gradually squirmed out of her groggy state and it was like watching a flower unfold. Babies. Couldn’t you just stare at her for hours?

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows Jennifer that she is a natural at mothering. She has such a gentle spirit. This relationship is going to be quite special.

I’m so happy for you guys! Even amidst all the up-ending of your world in this newborn season, you wear such a beautiful look of contentment on your faces.

I love this image of Guillaume as a brand new dad, enjoying this little peanut to pieces, with his wedding photo behind him. Layers of life happening, right there in their living room. 🙂

Goodness, she’s adorable! On a kind of odd personal side note, Delphine bears a striking resemblance to my grandmother! I noticed it as soon as I started looking through photos from the session. It makes me smile.

Congratulations, Jennifer & Guillaume on your lovely babe. See you again soon!