the feterl family

It’s absolutely surreal to return to a family’s sweet home for “déjà vu” newborn photos of a younger sibling, and get to capture the same feels for the same family! If you frequent this blog you may remember big sister Eden. It was such an honor to meet her handsome little brother Barrett! Isn’t their family adorable?

Hi, little guy! Barrett was the most chill, wide-eyed, expressive little champ.

Danielle is swimming in beautiful-mama-glow and I love the love on her face. Not to mention Barrett’s cute sleepy smile on the right.

These two will share soooo much from love to giggles to toys to resemblance to big life moments and more mundane ones. I get crazy excited for siblings to discover what a gift they are to one another.

Goodness. They are both just the sweetest!

The family pup, Apollo, has had to endure my photo shenanigans twice now, and reluctant as he was to get his enormous self on the bed to cuddle with everybody for a photo, he actually looks pretty darn comfy. Good boy, Apollo. Good boy. 😉

Bryant and Danielle, you are seriously the most humble, devoted, caring parents. It’s magical to see you with your kids.

Thank you so much for the sweetest little 2.0 session, you guys! Wishing you wonderful cuddles and lazy days in these early months with Barrett!