the feterl family

This incredibly sweet babe was one month old when I had the honor of hanging out with her for a few hours, making photographs of her early existence. Swoon. Eden Gabrielle, you are just wonderful.

She made a wide range of faces at me that morning, and this one is my favorite grab of the bunch. Her and daddy are having a moment and she’s all “Oh, heeey!”.

Sweet feet and chubby wrinkles.

Danielle and Bryant are such naturals as parents. They haven’t had it easy, but they seem so unshaken by the challenges, and they both had joy radiating from them when they were close to their little girl. I love that!

We did a few precious photos with big sister Brielle’s picture and this is my favorite. A subtle connection and an undeniable resemblance.

Don’t mind mama, just getting lost in those pretty eyes.

Apollo – you are one lovable big bro pup! 😀

Congratulations on your amazing girl, Feterl fam! Thank you so much for sharing her with me.