the versaw family

Warning – cute levels are extremely high in this house! It can be attributed to many factors, but the biggest contributor by far is this mischievous peanut, little Miss Adelaide. You might remember her from her darling newborn session? If not, go treat yourself to lots of adorableness, then come back. 🙂

She is loved, loved, loved and loved some more.

Ada is a real go-getter, and she totally gets it from her mama. These are two incredibly passionate ladies. It’s crazy, but you can already see so much of Jessica in Ada, even at one year old.

My favorite thing about this family is their laughter. Even the miniscule, ordinary exchanges between any two of them is flavored with a hint of laughter – they are just able to look at life with a sense of humor. I can certainly get on board with that!

Felicity, that gorgeous pup in the middle, was workin’ hard to maintain her front-and-center place in the family. She was adamant that Ryan find his own seat elsewhere. 😉

Hey, girl!

Don’t even ask about these shenanigans. This dog is just a special one!

Ryan and Jess, your family couldn’t get one ounce sweeter. It was a treat to see you all again. Thanks for being so very you, always and always!