the versaw family

She has arrived, and she is already a personality-filled firecracker of a sweet baby girl! I’m referring to the darling baby Adelaide, of course. I had the pleasure of meeting her and documenting a few hours in her brand new life, and it didn’t even take the first five minutes for me to fall in love with her. Doesn’t she make a cute addition to this sweet family?!

Her adorable mama Jessica had me laughing the whole time. Ada, you’re never going to be hurting for entertainment. 🙂 I absolutely love seeing women in their first few weeks as moms. I am not sure there’s anything more beautiful.

Dads, too. 😉 Ryan seems like he’s been at this whole father thing for a while already. He has so much love for this girl, and he had this smile on his face the entire time he held her. It was the sweetest.

Being held & feeling right at home in mama’s arms.

Not to be overshadowed (too much, anyway), this sweet girl deserved her own photo sesh. Felicity seems to be on high-alert in her new role as big-sis-watchdog. I can’t imagine all the fun she’ll have with Ada as she gets older.

The way they’re holding her makes this my favorite. There’s just so much new-party-of-three love packed in here.

Of course I have to mention Ada’s amazing baby cheeks. I cannot get enough!

On the left, a sweet corner of Adelaide’s bomb nursery, and on the right, a portrait of the new normal. Everybody sandwiched on the couch for cuddles.

When I look at the image on the left, I can hear Jessica’s laughter. Seriously, this family knows how to have fun and laugh at life. It’s so good!

Well, hello, Ada. You are a beauty!

Jessica & Ryan, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful family with me. Wishing you the best newborn season & beyond with your darling Adelaide!