the singsank family

Buckle up, blog friends, this session is SO STINKIN’ CUTE. Valerie just celebrated her first birthday! There’s not much I love more than seeing a whole lotta personality in a kid, and she’s totally got it.

A year ago, Valerie won the award for best baby expressions during her newborn session. She’s still puckering that sweet squishy face. 🙂

Zach and Rachel absolutely light up over this sweet girl. She’s a pretty lucky lady.

In this photo, Val is in the middle of her signature scamper which involves both arms and a dominant leg, while the other leg swings underneath her and builds momentum – like a skipping crawl. And it’s fast! Girl’s got moves.

Big brother Clyde was only willing to sit with Val for .00000002 seconds. 😉

It’s always a pleasure, Singsank fam! Can’t wait to see what new tricks Val has next time.