seth & elizabeth


Admittedly, I use a lot of superlatives in talking about my rad families, couples & babies that grace my presence and give me the honor of capturing photographic moments of them. That’s because they are freaking amazing and I can’t help myself. But I will say, with 100% truth-telling confidence, that I have NEVER laughed so much during a session as with Seth and Elizabeth. N-E-V-E-R. More on that in a bit. First, just take a look at these cuties!

These two are so incredibly genuine. They feel like your best friends .02 seconds after you meet them. Fortunately for me, I’ve known the lovely Elizabeth for quite some time. She is so warm, welcoming, kind, sweet, humble, and she absolutely overflows with happiness. Seth is a very lucky guy.

What you need to know about Seth is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously (ahem…major understatement) and it would seem nothing ruffles his feathers. Calm, cool, collected & hilarious. Oh, and he treasures Elizabeth like crazy. They’re a perfect combo.

There are so many facets to every relationship, but these two images show two undeniable sides of theirs.

My favorite, for sure!

Would it surprise you that this dressed up duo got engaged whilst fly fishing in waders – Elizabeth reeling in her ring on a fake fish??? It’s one of the best engagement stories I’ve ever heard.

This is giving me major Sleepless in Seattle vibes – right here in Lincoln, Nebraska!! 😉 But seriously, I might be onto something with those doppelgangers…

Fun fact: Seth’s jacket is the one his dad wore on his wedding day! What?!

This is about when my eyes glaze over and I look like the actual heart-eye emoji. Also, a word about the photo on the right. I have this thing about blurry photos and am obsessively careful about sharp focus (you should NOT settle for blurry photos!!!). Howeverrrrr, very very rarely, I come across an image where the over-blurry effect makes it somehow way better and elevates the feeling in the photo. Then, and only then, it gets included as a favorite (usually in addition to a similar photo that is indeed, sharp). 😉 [End photographer blabber.]

You two are just so stunning, and I have so much excitement about your wedding day.

Typically, my blog post would end here, but remember how I said I had laughed way too hard during this session? It was so much it was honestly a personal challenge to still create beautiful images that captured everything about their love beyond the fact that they make each other laugh so dang much. Honestly, my eyes were watering from the laughter and it was hard to see! Best kind of challenge. So I’m adding just a taste here at the end of the behind-the-scenes antics of Seth that had both me and Elizabeth in stitches.

Pretty sure I’ve never had a groom so interested in hamming up my photo directions. Lol.

There were about 50 more such images of hilarity. I’m glad you had fun, Seth. 😀 Goodness, you two, it was an absolute pleasure, and I cannot wait to celebrate your wedding with you in just a few short weeks. YES!!!