max & kelsey


I’ll give you fair warning – I’m a little obsessed with this session. Engagement sessions are so very exciting, because it’s just a preview of what it’s going to be like to photograph a couple’s wedding (i.e. very, VERY important day). And THIS one’s going to be Un.Be.Lievable. Max & Kelsey have the sweetest connection, and are obviously adorable. We hit up the state capitol to begin documenting said adorableness.
15_12_wheeler_01 15_12_wheeler_02 They are 100% comfortable in front of a camera, and I think it’s actually because they are 200% comfortable with each other. Clearly best friends, obviously ecstatic to be together…I just can’t help but smile around them.15_12_wheeler_03 That image on the right. Soooo romantic!15_12_wheeler_04 15_12_wheeler_05 Kelsey, your smile and dimples – I’m pretty sure every girl wants those two things. Max, you lucky guy, you.15_12_wheeler_06 15_12_wheeler_08 15_12_wheeler_09 See what I mean? They are at home with one another. Beautiful.15_12_wheeler_10 15_12_wheeler_11 One of my favorite walls in Nebraska. 🙂 Also, I hope their kids have this up in their homes someday.15_12_wheeler_12 We had a quick outfit change and headed to a nearby antique shop they like to browse. I loved it – Kelsey said it’s very typical of them to stop in this place. Quirky, fun, artistic and beautiful objects surrounding these two, and it just felt like them. The 13th – their wedding date!15_12_wheeler_13 15_12_wheeler_14 My tentative favorite. I change my mind every few minutes. They’re just so cute in every single shot!
15_12_wheeler_15 15_12_wheeler_16 15_12_wheeler_17
Max & Kelsey, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with your engagement and wedding photography. Your relationship is beautiful and spills over love, and I’m over the moon to have the chance to capture your story! Until the big day, friends!