zach & becca


I’m doing a happy dance over here, because Zach & Becca’s wedding is in just over a month, and I get to photograph it!!! We got together for an engagement session, and wow. Just, wow. It got me even more hyped up to document and bottle up the greatness that will be their wedding day. It’s on, you guys!

We started off their session on and around the college campus where they met and still hang out, and one of my favorite little corners of Lincoln.15_07_marcus_0215_07_marcus_03If I had to pick five words to describe them as a couple, I’d choose: genuine, true-to-self, refreshing, attentive, & joyful.
15_07_marcus_0415_07_marcus_21 This is my first favorite. Becca, you are beautiful. Can’t wait to see you at your wedding looking radiant as ever! Amiright, Zach? 🙂
15_07_marcus_05 15_07_marcus_06 15_07_marcus_07 She has one of those smiles that takes over her whole face, and the way they look at each other is just so full of sweet contentment.
15_07_marcus_08 15_07_marcus_09 15_07_marcus_10 And then I made them awkwardly perch on these window ledges, but gosh I love this!15_07_marcus_11 My other favorite. 🙂15_07_marcus_12 15_07_marcus_13 15_07_marcus_14 After we wrapped up at campus, we drove out to their wedding venue, and MY WORD. Prairie Creek Inn is something out of a fairytale. Excellent choice, you guys!
15_07_marcus_15 15_07_marcus_16 15_07_marcus_17 15_07_marcus_18 15_07_marcus_19 15_07_marcus_20 I thought we were all done with our session, but then that sky came out and kept the party going, as did some friendly little fireflies. Challenge accepted, fireflies. 🙂 Zach & Becca, I could photograph you over and over. So glad to have at least one more chance in September!15_07_marcus_22