justin & mackenzie


Meet two people who were made for one another, are completely in love, and look DANG good together. 😉 Kenzie and Justin made my week when they asked me to photograph an engagement session for them. Kenzie’s law schooling brought her to Nebraska and after a year of long-distance, Justin recently followed. These lovebirds are gettin’ hitched in just a few short months in their home state of Idaho, which based on Justin’s passionate recommendations, I’m going to need to visit ASAP!
Right before this first shot, Kenzie told me they were both awkward. Hmmmm. OKAY! 😀
16_06_davis_01 The way they act together reflects such a deep respect and admiration for each other. Justin’s going to take such amazing care of her, and she complements him perfectly. Also, there’s no shortage of laughter between them. Winning combo!
16_06_davis_03 16_06_davis_04 Hey, MODELS.16_06_davis_05 They helped me fulfill a long-time dream to use this sculpture in a session. I’m pretty happy about it which may influence this being my pick for most framable image!16_06_davis_06 Pretty camouflage.16_06_davis_07 16_06_davis_08This one makes me giddy for life, love and marriage. 🙂16_06_davis_09 Kenzie’s ring is unreal – so pretty on her!16_06_davis_10 16_06_davis_11 16_06_davis_12 16_06_davis_13 16_06_davis_14 16_06_davis_15 You guys are perfect together and I’m so grateful to have met you. Thank you isn’t even enough! I’m wishing you the very best wedding and so much happiness to follow. Congrats, Justin & Kenzie!16_06_davis_16