cord & jenna


These two people are getting married!!!!! What a fantastic decision, because they fit together with total ease. I haven’t even known them that long, but it’s obvious they complement one another beautifully. Their love is stunning.
16_10_williamson_01 The contentment on their faces says so much, and this image makes me happy.16_10_williamson_02Yeah, girl! 16_10_williamson_03 16_10_williamson_05 Aw look at you guys just bein’ you. Cord chill and serious with just a little smirk, and Jenna adorable and surely saying something funny. :D:D
16_10_williamson_06 16_10_williamson_07 16_10_williamson_08 16_10_williamson_09 This one on the right…I asked Cord to give me his best Ray face, and at the thought of it, Jenna just happened to do this. I love! You can’t orchestrate this kinda thing, people.16_10_williamson_10 Peace. Calm. Contentment. Comfort. (And as a side note, Nebraska, you’re beautiful.)16_10_williamson_11 16_10_williamson_1216_10_williamson_13 16_10_williamson_14 Jenna’s eyes make me madly excited for next July. C’mon. She’s gonna be the prettiest bride!!!16_10_williamson_15 16_10_williamson_16 A cute snippet of their story: they met at a party in college, and Jenna wrote her number on Cord’s arm with a Sharpie. Fortunately he followed up the next day, and now here they are.16_10_williamson_17 You two have no idea how excited and honored I am to photograph your wedding in a few months. Can’t wait to celebrate all you are together! Cheers!16_10_williamson_18