aaron & emily


So, there’s this guy named Aaron. He is super cool, a little edgy, extremely likable and has rare and awesome hobbies like making his own furniture (nbd) and hosting epic film-viewing parties. He loves this pretty girl named Emily. She is… like… a model (not really, but woah) except she’s down-to-earth. She’s also artistic and talented and has the best smile and laughs a lot.

Aaron and Emily are getting married! I’m especially excited about this. 😉

Life hack: marry your best friend! I highly recommend it.

Choosing my favorite photos from our time together was like death by a thousand paper cuts. Like it actually hurt, because these two photographed so beautifully and looked amazing in every single frame. My very favorite ones are full of laughter and smiley eyes.

Personal note: I’m drawn to blue backgrounds like a moth to a flame. I ’bout flippped when I saw this beauty!

Engagement tends to feel like a long haul filled with stressful to-do lists, but there is also this magical anticipation of something so full of joy it’s hard to take it all in. That’s what I see in Emily’s face in these next two, along with a deep love and respect for Aaron. Dang, girl, it looks so good on you.

Jaywalking. Rebels.

I’m eternally grateful to “dude in tank top” who felt compelled to photobomb in style. I love Aaron’s reaction!

So then we explored the weirdest parking garage and it was the perfect way to end the evening.

Aaron was in his element of admiring weird things/places and Emily somehow looked even more perfect after several hours of walking all over the place in the hot sun than when we began. *shrug* I don’t how she does that…

Guys. Your wedding is going to be everything. I am so happy for you – excited for that day – but even more so that you’re you and you’re together. Peace, friends.