will & liz


I’m doing my happy dance here at my desk (yes, really) thinking about photographing these cuties as they walk down the aisle a year from now. Do we reeeally have to wait that long???

Will & Liz are a magical duo in all the ways. The way they look at each other, care for each other, know how to roll with the punches, and smile ALL.THE.TIME. Don’t you want to be their best friends? I do.

On the left, they’re sitting in the spot where they got engaged. That makes me happy!

One word to describe their relationship would be “easy”. At least that’s my take. They blend together in that effortless way, as though they’ve been friends their whole lives and they instinctually get each other. What a beautiful way to enter into marriage (which certainly isn’t always easy) – with the feeling of being completely “at home” together.

YESSSSSSS. THEY BROUGHT THEIR PUPPY!!! In case you were wondering, your dog is always welcome at your session with me. 🙂

His name is Hurley and he’s so wonderful and he’s like their baby. Had to have him there!

Gah! Your wedding is going to be so wonderful, you two!

These two tie for favorites in my book.

I’m so excited about your love, you guys. Thank you for the best engagement session, and let’s please fast forward to next fall. Ok? Great!