the mckenna family

Color me obsessed with this session, this family, all these colors, and baby Keavy – star of the show! There’s so much genuine laughter in these because this girl is a funny one. She can turn her emotions on a dime, for just a split second, and I think she’s gonna be quite a firecracker. 😀

Dustin & Megan are such sweet new parents. It’s over-the-top-beautiful how much they love their girl.

Motherhood changes you so profoundly and shapes you in new ways you never dreamed of. I can see that in Megan even though I just met her, and I love these two of Keavy with just her momma.

When Megan told me their fur baby Koa is like another sibling in the family, I knew she had to be part of the photos. She’s such a fun pup and I’m so glad she joined the party.

This might be my favorite of the whole fam.

Keavy, you’re a bright spot, and I hope you grow to be a force – I can’t imagine that not being true. 🙂

Much love to you, McKenna family! You were troopers in heat, humidity, bugs and other things, and I just want you to know you’re wonderful. Thanks for sharing your sweet girl with me!