the roth family

Oh goodness, this is a good one, guys. My friend Zach moved away, he got married, they have a darling little boy, and I got to photograph them recently on a return visit to NEBRASKA! It was magical even before the golden glowing sunflowers lit up the landscape along with beautiful Rachel’s smile. Also, dreamy baby alert!17_09_roth_02 Number one trick to make Elijah smile = dad’s face. That’s not an insult, it’s a huge compliment! He just has such a connection with his daddy. 😉17_09_roth_0317_09_roth_04 The love between these three is just so good, and I think you can just see how it cycles in this photo. This one’s a favorite, for sure.17_09_roth_05 17_09_roth_06 Elijah. I noticed something awesome about this kid in his expressions – he flips between this serious, observant, furrowed “thinking” brow and a delighted joy. Juuuuuust a bit reminiscent of each of his parents? I think so.17_09_roth_07 17_09_roth_08 17_09_roth_09 There’s something about their fingers in this one that I love. 🙂 17_09_roth_10 17_09_roth_11 17_09_roth_12 Always one with just mom and dad. Zach & Rachel, it was such an honor to photograph all that makes you guys you. Elijah is the best, and so are you. We miss you already! 17_09_roth_13