the carter family

This session was such an honor. These three were visiting from Italy (woah!) and during their precious time with family, we worked in a photo session. I fell hard right off the bat for little Siena, who just happened to be turning ONE that very day. 18_01_carter_01 18_01_carter_02 She is the sunniest little girl! 18_01_carter_03 18_01_carter_04 18_01_carter_05 Gosh, these next two with Siena cuddled up with her daddy. You can tell she’s in her happy place. 18_01_carter_06 18_01_carter_07 My favorite. :)18_01_carter_08 18_01_carter_09 After a bit of time just with these three, the whole fam showed up. Grandma, great-grandma, aunts, uncles, and all the cousins. Keep a close eye on Siena’s little smile, because as we were walking down the hall, she caught eye of a special cousin…18_01_carter_10 That smile on the left is all for her cousin who’s holding her on the right. Is that not the sweetest thing???18_01_carter_11 She’s even got his finger here. :) Anyway, she’s got three awesome “big bro” type cousins and is in such good hands. What a good-looking crew! 18_01_carter_12 18_01_carter_13 18_01_carter_14 18_01_carter_15 The icing on the cake was seeing this whole family gathered together from near and far. A seriously great close to the holidays. :) Cheers, Carter family! 18_01_carter_16

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