the thieman family

I got extra giddy and excited at the first glance through these photos after a super fun session with this crew. Is it the red-headed children? I don’t know, but something about this family makes my heart all happy and fluttery. They’re just so darn wonderful.

It’s been a year and a half since I’ve seen them (at their 2017 session), and Holy Changes, Batman! Cadence, especially is quite a grown up miss now, but still has all the flare to her name. On the right, this must be life for a two-year-old with iGen siblings. 😉

Hi there, cute Calvin! I hope you embrace every day with the same action-loving rambunctious flavor you had the night this photo was taken. You have so much life!

On the right is the one and only Carter. He’s everything that is right about big brothers and I feel like I could sit down and have an entire mature, grown-up conversation with him. He has awesome interests and opinions, but still loves to have fun and I think that makes him basically the perfect age.

If you’re wondering, no I didn’t plan on the blue background for these. It just HAPPENED to be there, and they just HAPPENED to be perfectly coordinated for it, and now these just happen to be my favorites. Win!

Another thing I didn’t do on purpose is recreate a pose from their last session. I can’t believe the similarities between this image and this one!

Again, look at this mirror image! (Both on the left.) I may have to start honing this as a secret skill, because it’s fascinating to compare those side by side.

Matt & Andrea, thank you for growing a family like this that truly knows how to be themselves and lean into the chaos of life. You’re all five exceptional. 😀 Can’t wait ’til next time!