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Be still, my heart! This fiery family is my kind of fam. They know how to have fun, laugh, shake things off, smile from the heart, I mean…I have a big ol’ family crush on them. Look at these two!!!

17_05_thieman_02And here’s the whole crew! First, let’s talk about mama Andrea for a second. It takes a strong woman to not be the least bit anxious over family photos, and she was completely calm, collected, and chill the whole time. So maybe hire her for advice when it’s your family’s turn. :) Also, she has the prettiest smile in Nebraska. Just sayin’.
17_05_thieman_0317_05_thieman_01 Say hi to Miss Cadence! There’s so much packed into this girl’s amazing personality. She’s going to be a go-getter for sure. Her freckles are my favorite.17_05_thieman_04 I love baby Calvin’s little furrowed eyebrows here, because he was the happiest, smiliest guy the entire time. Hehe. How lucky is he to have these two to grow up with? 17_05_thieman_05 17_05_thieman_06 17_05_thieman_07 :P
17_05_thieman_08 I’m realizing I picked lots of photos of Cadence for the blog with this sweet, soft smile like on the right. It’s funny, because she’s such a firecracker! But there’s something so fascinating to me about catching wild kids in their calm moments. Probably because you know it will only be for an instant. 17_05_thieman_09 17_05_thieman_10 This is Carter. He’s the gentle leader of the pack, and so full of fun! Don’t remember what I said here, but I love his embarrassed laugh. :) I’m pretty sure it was bathroom humor. 8 years old is an awesome age.17_05_thieman_11 And this one of just mom and dad = favorite. I love how they laugh with each other.17_05_thieman_12 Seriously, Matt & Andrea, your family is solid gold. So much love to you all! Thanks for spending a little photo time with me!17_05_thieman_13

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  1. These are incredible! This family is beautiful, and you captured their personalities so well. These are photos that will be treasured for GENERATIONS. I’m in awe!

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