the sloup family

Lots of energy: check. Cute factor: check. Lookalikes: check. These two siblings are such sweet firecrackers and it was so fun to chase them around and capture all their fun.

Keep an eye on almost-4-year-old Grayson throughout these photos. He is a ham and just didn’t quit the whole night! He’s been the same since the first time I photographed him right before his sister was born. There is surely never a dull moment in this adorable family.

I am 100% in love with this mom shot. THIS IS HOW MUCH THEY LOVE YOU, KRISTA! I hope they come across this image when they’re older and see how beautifully it’s returned.

I mean, this is so Grayson. He loves life so much!

On the right –> favorite sibling photo! And go see THIS from our last session. She’s still taking the neck squeeze hugs like a champ!

This is Josalyn and she is fierce. She’s got that two-year-old independent streak going strong and there’s a ton of personality developing in her. That smile, though. 🙂

We had a weird kinda-stormy-turned-super-nice night that produced the yummiest light. This was Grayson’s first and only sign that bedtime might be approaching.

But then he rallied. Look close at that tongue sticking out. 😉 It’s so much fun to photograph your family, Krista & Park! Thanks again!