the sloup family

Even though this adorable (and incredibly sharp-looking) family was anxiously awaiting the birth of their second kiddo, they were as laid-back as could be for our maternity session. I love photographing families just before they change forever. It’s the most exciting time!

We took advantage of the spotlight still being on Grayson and got some big ol’ two-year-old portraits. Isn’t he handsome?16_06_sloup02 His mama, though. HOLY STUNNING, BATMAN. You are one beautiful girl, Krista.16_06_sloup03 16_06_sloup04 16_06_sloup05 16_06_sloup06 16_06_sloup07 Bonus points for capturing goofy dad moments? I’d take it. 🙂
16_06_sloup08 You guys are just so dapper.  I love the contentment on your faces. 16_06_sloup09 Since these were taken, their baby GIRL was born, and I got to meet her a few days ago. Stay tuned for her newborn session!!! She’s perfect, obviously. 🙂 16_06_sloup10