the richard family | lincoln ne family photographer

My heart is SOOOOOO full for this family. These smiles are on their faces….oh…97% of the time. They’re genuinely wonderful. I should know – I got to spend two pretty spectacular and important days with them when Mikaela & Andrew and Kelsey & Max got married! :D I had giddy butterflies when they asked to do this family session with their incredibly special grandparents. Photographing generations is so rare, and so important. We took a step toward fixing that with these. 17_06_richards_01 17_06_richards_02 Darleen is super-grandma. She is calm and knowing, but she’s (secretly?) the life of the party, too. At Mikaela’s wedding she and George shut down the dance floor!! You can tell they’ve lived fully and are reaping the rewards of it. I adore how *both* these women look at their husbands. Same, same! 17_06_richards_03 17_06_richards_04 On top of being fun, their whole family is ridiculously good-looking. :) 17_06_richards_05 17_06_richards_06 17_06_richards_07 17_06_richards_08 17_06_richards_09 17_06_richards_10 George & Darleen were so wonderful to photograph, and I like all their photos together, but this one is my favorite of the two of them. It’s in their eyes for each other – these two have been married 58 years (I mean, wow), and they are so tender with each other. I could go on about them, but the bottom line is they’re just special. Their family knows it, and anyone who gets to spend a little time with them, like me, can easily see it, too.17_06_richards_11 High fives to all of you in the Richard family. Thank you for trusting me with these photos! 17_06_richards_12

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